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20 Nov 2014 Written by chicceo In

Creating Your 2015 Strategy

Last week I asked you to write me a note telling me what you need in order to make next year a better year for your business. 

Dang ladies!! You got specific!!

(If you didn't email me, feel free to still send over a note telling me what could help you blow it out of the water next year.)

07 Oct 2014 Written by chicceo In

How To Create Traction So Customers Come To You

Hate sales? Yeah, most of us do...
What if I told you that by incorporating a few key tactics into your everyday to-do list, you could create massive traction and a lot of momentum in your business - traction that bring customers (the RIGHT customers) straight to you?
Building momentum and traction in your business can bring not only customers - but press, investors, and talent.
05 Dec 2017 Written by BrooklynFaulkner In

Leading the Way as a Woman Entrepreneur

Leading the Way as a Woman Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurship ideally is anyone’s game, but historically, rates of female entrepreneurship have lagged behind men. In recent years, however, owing to developments in society, innovative thinking, and a much-needed open mindset, women’s entrepreneurship rates have increased drastically in the last couple of years.


02 Nov 2017 Written by chicceo In

Top 5 Books You Should Read Right Now

Leaders are readers, amirite?!? I love love love to read. I fantasize about taking a cruise by myself - talking to no one and reading alllllll the books. #sigh #someday. 

In the meantime - if you are looking for a great book to help you grow personally or for your business - these are my top 5 books that I highly recommend. 


1. Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. 

23 Oct 2017 Written by BrooklynFaulkner In

Understanding Financing Options for Women Entrepreneurs

Are you contemplating starting your own business, or did you recently get one off the ground? If so, have you tried pitching your business idea to investors? When is it best to take out a loan, and when does it make sense to apply for a grant or start a crowdsourcing campaign via social media? When it comes to keeping a steady flow of cash going year-round, what are your go-to strategies?

08 Oct 2017 Written by BrooklynFaulkner In

Why Working With Other Women Can Help Your Career

There has been a number of articles bombarding the blogosphere about women being bullies to other women in the workplace. However, some business owners are discovering that women working together with other women is a recipe for a successful business. We should be moving away from trying to compete with another woman for the one available position at their company and instead, trying to support them towards achieving their goal.

12 Sep 2017 Written by BrittanyRatelle In

5 Legal Docs Your Website Needs

5 Legal Docs Your Website Needs

Does your website need a legal checkup? While working on mood boards, font pairings and styled photos is the fun part of website management, maintaining a strong legal foundation for your website can help you fend off potential headaches and growing pains.

Consider these 5 legal documents that every modern website should have:

1. User Terms and Conditions

31 Aug 2017 Written by PattyMoore In

Why Women Are More Likely to Have Side Hustles Than Men

New reports indicate that more women are likely to have a side hustle than men. In total, CareerBuilder reports that around 32 percent of workers have a side job, which is up 3 percent from last year.

14 Aug 2017 Written by BrooklynFaulkner In

Girls Just Wanna Work for Themselves

There’s an interesting phenomenon happening among working women.

Women of all backgrounds and ages are tired of showing up to work and being a “cog in the machine.” They’re tired of being overlooked by their fellow colleagues or being ignored in meetings. They’re tired of “leaning in” when no one will lean out to listen to them.

So what are these working women doing to solve the problem? Apparently, they’re turning into CEOs of their own companies.

19 May 2017 Written by caroline.caselli In

Dream-killing stories and how to vanquish them.


When I tell people I quit my job to start my own tech company (as a former social worker, with no experience building software), I get a range of reactions: they’re incredulous, they ask about my finances, and they ask whether I am terrified on a daily basis.

Fear was my go-to reason for not leaving social work. So what changed? 

06 Mar 2017 Written by SocialMedia22 In

Mom Invents Handsocks Mittens to Help Babies and Launches Successful Kickstarter

Casey Bunn is a mom from Richmond, Virginia who came up with the idea to create baby mittens that won't fall off. She soon found that many parents were using her Handsocks mittens for other things such as preventing face scratching and irritating eczema. Wanting to expand her line of mittens, Casey recently launched her very first Kickstarter project and nearly met her goal in less than a week! 

Read on for my interview with Casey Bunn to see how this supermom does it all!

Q: What are Handsocks?

04 Oct 2016 Written by chicceo In

Why Passion Is NOT The Way

It’s time we all take a good hard look at PASSION and why it’s ridiculous. 


Raise your hand if you’ve been asked this: 

     What are you passionate about? 

     Have you found your passion? 

     Wanna pay me money to help you uncover your passion? 


Hold up - let’s stop this madness for a minute. 

Sponsored Post for Joss Comber


Sponsored Post on Chic CEO. 

Price: $200.00

Auth.net Test Transaction


Test transaction for Authorize.net

Price: $1.00
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The Difference That Makes The Difference

"The difference that makes the difference.”

Gregory Bateson, an English anthropologist is credited with this phrase. He was talking about information and how it can affect things. What information can we know that will completely change the situation/experiment/culture?


06 Sep 2016 Written by chicceo In

Email Is Not Your Master

A few years ago I was asked to speak on a panel of female entrepreneurs to discuss our journey into the world of business ownership. At the same time, I had committed to what I called “The Year of No.” 

As you guessed, the Year of No was about saying no to all of the ridiculous things that I had being saying yes to. Things that were sucking my time and attention or generally just made me grumpy: coffee dates, pick your brain dates, actual dates, no fun friends, networking events, listening to voicemails, and yes, EMAIL. 

23 Aug 2016 Written by chicceo In

To Do or To Find Out?

Do you find that your to do list just turns into a bunch of questions? 
When I would start getting overwhelmed with work, in a fury I would do a huge brain dump on a legal pad. All of the things that I just had to get done in an effort to get it out of my head and organized. What ended up happening more often than not was that my to-do list would have more questions on it than to-dos. 
To-dos are actions, not questions. 

Custom Affirmations


Create your custom entrepreneurial affirmations!

Below are the affirmations that will be included in your order plus 10 of your own. Your affirmations are recorded over meditation music by a professional voice over artist. Once you submit your order, we'll be in touch to get your 10 custom affirmations that will be added to this list. You'll have your recording in a few days! Have fun with it! 
I have created the perfect business for myself.
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I succeed with ease.
I am committed to my goals
Price: $47.00
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Pokemon Go Is Your Competitor

Right now, I’m in Bentonville, AR visiting my mom and taking in the GORGEOUS scenery. Wow, it’s pretty here. Walking along one of the amazing trails over the weekend, I saw some deer, a beautiful stream and a lot of people with their heads in their phones playing Pokemon Go.
NATURE can’t even compete with this new game. 


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