Chic CEO Was Sued

12 Aug 2015

Chic CEO Was Sued

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In May of 2014, Chic CEO was sued by 3 men. Watch the video below. 

Take Action: 

1)  "No One Told Me, Until Someone Told Me - 13 Lessons I Didn't Learn Getting My MBA."

Buy the ebook here. These are the lessons I've learned along the way - either through my own experience or watching a fellow founder. Things like not piling up a savings account and quiting your job, how to pick a partner, the myth of work/life balance, and stop following your passion.
Thank you for your support ;)

2) Sign the petition. 

Women.VC have created a petition to help revise the legislation around the Unruh Act to stop people from exploiting it. Sign the petition here. By signing the petition, you are helping them to fight for other organizations that are trying to further women's causes, not harm men. They believe, just like we do, that both genders are very important to each other - we need men's support in elevating the equality of women in business and entrepreneurship. 

3) Become a contributor to Chic CEO.

Provide your thoughtful, educational and valuable content to the Chic CEO community. If you'd like to become a Thought Leader, please fill out this form.



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