Creating & Operationalizing Your Brand

The Smartest, Most Effective, Least Time Consuming Way to Create and Operationalize Your Brand. 
We're guessing you're here because your wondering "How the heck do I create a brand? REALLY create one?" 
Or maybe you have started to create your brand and feel like it's this nebulous, intangible "thing" that you can't quite get your arms around. (Or worse, you feel like you've wasted all sorts of time and money trying to figure it out.) 
You know you need a memorable brand, that "certain something" that keeps you top of mind with your audience and makes others take notice. You are a bombshell - not to be forgotten. Your brand feels the same way...
So how do you create a brand? A REALLY memorable brand? 
And once you've figured out how to create it, how do you infuse it into all of the aspects of your business? How do you make sure your customers feel it, recognize it and never forget it? 
Well, sister, we've got you covered. Chic CEO's brand is unmistakable and yours can be too - we're going to show you how.
How To Know if This Workbook is For You
• You are ready to promote your business and want to make sure your brand is absolutely perfect before you do. 
• You're ready to end the confusion between your website, your facebook page, your twitter, your communications, your storefront, etc. 
• You're ready to have one cohesive brand that is so locked in, it's unmistakable. 
• You're ready to have a filter for everything you do to make sure you are on brand when you add in new components or services. 


"The "Creating & Operationalizing Your Brand" workbook has assisted me with bringing my business out of its shell.  I now know who we are and how we connect to our customers.  The workbook is an enjoyable read with exercises that can help any business big or small solidify its brand."

Dee Dee
A Few of the Cool Things You'll Do in This Workbook:
• Create your brand identity
• Identify your brand touchpoints
• Learn what your brand would do if it were a person
• Learn why the details matter the most to your brand
• Identify your brand's voice
This is the quickest most effective way to create a brand and operationalize it throughout your business. 
Ok, so what does it cost? As fellow ladypreneurs, we have a lot of respect for the fact that it's really important for you to be smart with every dollar you spend in your business. So - it's only $15. You read that right!
"Kick ass branding info to help launch entrepreneurs in the right direction. Kinda like those maps in behemoth malls (YOU ARE HERE) Helps you define where you're at, want to be, and soon to be going."  
Amanda Gates
AB HOME Interiors, INC
The question is really this - how much potential business are you missing out on right now by not leveraging a clear, succinct and memorable brand? Are you getting lost in the crowd because you don't stand out? 
Let's face it, smarty pants - you have two options right now. 
You can continue with your current blah brand and be forgettable, or you can do something about it. Create a clear brand that turns heads almost as much as you do. 
Download it. Print it. Work it.


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