Is Your Brand Disruptive?

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Being disruptive is quite the buzz word these days. I think mainly because we've been told all of our lives that we need to "settle down" to "be good" to "not make waves." We've grown up thinking this was how to get along with others, being un-disruptive was the way to get ahead and be successful. Wayne Dyer tells a story about when he was a child he overheard his teacher telling the principal that he was a "scurvy elephant." What the teacher really said was Wayne was a "disruptive element." Wayne Dyer is now one of the most influential and well known author/speaker of our time.

Every once in a while we get slapped in the face with a Madonna, an MTV, an iPod, a Twitter - these one of a kind companies, people and products really shake things up and we take notice. They create such a disruption in their respective industries, that it's almost impossible to ignore them. At first, you are taken by surprise, then you are delighted. They are doing something so drastically different in their space that they literally become the market leader over night. Industry disrupters (for the most part) gain market share quickly and turn their competitors into imitators.
When that little voice creeps up in your head that says, "You can't do that!!" take a quick moment to ask yourself, "Why Not?" Is there a way for your brand to be disruptive in your industry that you haven't thought about? or maybe you have but didn't think you could? What can you do radically different that would shock and delight your users?
Make red wedding dresses? A reading device that you wear like a ring and projects words onto the palm of your hand? 
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Love this! I think I'm constantly looking at what everyone else in my industry is doing to take my cues, and you're right - I think "you can't do that!" a lot and maybe I'll telling myself "yeah you can!"

Right on the money with this article,i am currently in that situation. I am an assistant trainer at a speed and conditioning academ out of New Orleans,SonicBoom that is maling all kinds of headway and noise because of our uniformity,unconventional approach and number one,success and dominance of our ahletes. 1-on -1


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