You Never Know Who Is Watching

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This is my first blog posting on Chic CEO and I couldn't be more excited to combine my two professions on this blog. Not only am I an entrepreneur working in the home building industry and in digital media, but I officiate Divsion I Women's basketball. I would like to blog about the business lessons and mentoring take-aways that I gain on the basketball court and bring to my business life. I hope you enjoy!


This summer I was at officiating camp, working alot of games in a few days. During a full time-out, I was standing midway up the lane line. According to our CCA Manual, that’s not where I should have been standing, and I knew this. My partner was an older woman, lifelong camper, and quite frankly just not that good (sorry). It had not dawned on me she would be observing my actions, but when a clinician pulled me aside I was reminded “you never know who is watching.”

I was told the older official went to her end of the court during the time-out and then she kinda stalled and waited to see where I stood along the lane line and then she stood at the exact same place on her end of the court. (DangItJim!) Now we had a game of Monkey-see Monkey-do and this monkey was in the wrong stinkin' spot!!

I was so disappointed in myself.  Not for being caught, but because I was not doing what I knew to be right!  Thomas Jefferson is quoted for saying, “Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching.” As if the World were watching, WOW!  For those who don't know, in the world of officiating I have learned that someone is ALWAYS watching and they may very well TELL THE WORLD if they feel it will effect your career. In this camp scenario my positioning didn’t hurt anything, but I still got caught taking a short cut and not being a model official.

As I was reflecting on this, I read a blog written for high school athletes, coaches, players, and fans. He wrote a blog after sitting with several college coaches as they evaluated talent at a very good high school baseball tournament. He ended his post with this:


If you think that college coaches and professional scouts do not notice the “little things” you are mistaken. As one coach told me …. “We have to pay attention to each of the intangibles, it is the only real separator between some of these guys.” He went on to explain that each recruiting year they will have several players on their board that are essentially equal in athletic skills and ability. What then makes the difference is the “Little Things.”


So the next time you think that it doesn’t matter how you hustle or present yourself maybe you should revisit that part of your game. As another coach told me … “A player can hustle and give his maximum effort even on a day when he and/or his team is not playing their best game. It doesn’t take any athletic ability to hustle.”


You Never Know Who Is Watching

As the time comes at the end of the year we may be doing personnel reviews or we may be spending our holiday time and we must remember there is always someone watching! It will be the little things that separate us from the average. Go ahead commit to do the right thing - ALL THE TIME.

I am going to referee every game with the attitude “as if all the world were watching.” And as I mentor my young business partner, I don't want to let him down.  If you are caught doing one of the “little things” this year, post it. Tell me about it.  I will be proud of you.

Rachel Monroe has started two residential building companies and is currently part-owner of WM Homes, LLC.  She has a Master of Arts degree in Educational Leadership and serves her community through leadership positions in United Way, Kiwanis International, and Shawnee Community Foundation.  For the last 17 years she has also been a women's basketball referee. She currently works in 8 NCAA Division I basketball leagues across the United States.


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