Why Every College Student Should Intern

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Repeatedly as college students, we are informed by our career counselors, parents, and professors to seek internships, to devote time to a most of the time, unpaid job, when in all honesty, we would rather be at the beach, hanging out in the sun, and avoiding every type of mental strain possible.

However, I cannot stress enough the skills that I gained in my 10-week internship experience this summer. Not only did I meet some of the most passionate and successful individuals, I got one step closer to what I want to do after college.

Gain Work Experience: Regardless what field you are interested in and what major you are currently pursuing, there is no test that will show you that you are passionate about that accounting job until you go sweat and bleed 80 hours at that accounting firm that you have wanted to work for since age 3.  No experience is bad experience. If anything, you will hate the job that you always dreamed to have and will be able to eliminate that from your pool of options. Eliminating options brings you closer to your goal.

Networking Opportunities: Network. Network. Network. “I will network when I graduate.” You should continuously be networking, attending alumni events, and seeking advice from professionals in your field. They love speaking about their jobs and advising college students. Rather, I believe students are at a great advantage. When else will you be able to contact that CEO at XYZ Company, simply because you are seeking career advice and are curious to learn about their path? Through my internship experience, I sought advice from every individual that I connected with. By the end of the internship, I had pages of notes from my colleagues. Free advice. Worth a lot more.

You’ll Be Ahead: While your friends are taking Facebook pictures of their summer spent on the beach and Instagramming photos of salads they spent two hours making, you will be getting ahead. The skills that you will learn and the confidence you will gain in your internship will place you on top of the pile of future employers, who are seeking internship experience from college grads.

Thought Leader, Sukhpreet Bains is an undergraduate student at University of San Diego, studying business economics.


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