Tuesday Toast: Marie Forleo

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Tuesday's Toast is a way for us to raise our glasses and tip our hats to some women who definitely deserve a bit of recognition. Recognition for being savvy, being brilliant and for kicking some serious ass.

A Toast to you, Marie Forleo!
We've been keeping our eye on Marie ever since her Crunch Cardio Workout Video days!

Marie has built quite an empire for women starting businesses and taking the bull by the horns. From Rich, Hot, Happy B-School, to MarieTV, she's packed full of entrepreneruial awesomeness that we just can't get enough of.

We especially want to congratulate her for being on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday this past weekend. What an amazing feat and testimate to the work she is doing.

Marie is definitely a Chic CEO and we tip our hats to her today. 

Follow Marie on Twitter at @marieforleo

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How to start a company
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