Top 5 Ways to Make a Bajillion Dollars

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Are you as overwhelmed as we are at all of the "experts" telling us that they will give us the tips and tools we need to become successful and rich (and skinny and taller and with an accent)?
We listened to a webinar the other day - an exclusive sales webinar that promised to give us 5 strategies to being successful. We like to keep up with what everyone else is doing but almost every time we login, call or fire up the webinar we listen along and then get INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATED. We can't imagine what all of you must be going through when you also login. It usually goes something like this:
Step 1! Ask yourself what you want from life. (Oh, really?)
Step 2! Follow your passions. (Ice cream?)
Step 3! Tell everyone you know. (Hey mom....)
Step 4! Work the numbers. (2+1+3)
Step 5!! Lose 5 lbs instantly. (umm......)
Then wait 2 days and check your mailbox for the bajillions of dollars that will just start rolling in. Super easy!!


Even though this happens almost every time, we still buy-in and watch one of the webinars or read one of the articles to see if by chance they will give us some new or actionable information but we wind up disappointed each time. It's a frustrating cycle, but we keep hoping. 
The media loves lists and let's face it, we all would love to see a list of the Top 5 Secrets to...well...anything. How do we change this epidemic of garbage lists and webinars? Let's start making some actionable and useful lists of how to do things - share the wealth and be an industry leader by really taking the time to provide tools that will help people get to the goal that you propose. Believe us, it's an efficient way to create trust.
The simple truth: nothing replaces hard work, sister.
For now, follow these 5 (not-so-easy but actionable) steps to actually make some progress with your business:
1. Create a Business Plan using one of the two templates we've created for you.
2. Create your Expense Forecast utilizing the tool we've created for you and create your Sales Forecasts by following the example outlined for you.
3. Create your Breakeven Analysis so you'll know the point at which expenses and revenue equal each other.
4. Explore the ways you can Fund Your Business by reading about some of the most popular options that we've researched for you.
5. Decide on the Legal Structure of Your Business that is most appropriate for your business by learning about each kind.
These steps are just the beginning, there is a lot more work to do but don't worry, we'll help you each step of the way. That's what the Chic CEO website is for, now get to work!



I agree. I decided early on that whenever I made any presentation of our start up whether to potential investors, partners or contractors, we would always include our mission, vision and values statement. If you don't lead with your mission you don't have a good enough reason to do what you're doing.

I agree 100% with the overwealming amount of marketing webinars. It's difficult to select which ones will be informatives. Thank you for sharing!


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