The Time to Buy a Franchise is Now

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Three Good Reasons Why the Time to Buy a Franchise is Now

- from guest blogger, Roxanne Rapske, the Franchise Genie

Is now the time to invest in a franchise?  Every individual needs to make that decision for themselves based on their own unique circumstances. No question about that. However, if you’ve been seriously considering becoming a franchise owner, I truly believe now is a great time to get started. Here are three compelling reasons why:

The Economy is Recovering

The economy is still sluggish, but all signs point to a gradual recovery. As consumers begin to feel more secure, they’ll start dipping into their wallets and purses and splurging. At this juncture, many others are still too nervous to take the risk of business ownership. That means some of the best opportunities and franchise territories are ripe for the picking.

The recessed economy also means that real estate prices continue to stay low and there’s a huge pool of qualified employees to choose from and hire. As confidence in the economy continues to rise, real estate prices will likely follow, and the best employees and franchise opportunities will be snatched up  by someone else.

More Small Business Loans Available

As I wrote about in my previous blog post, the Small Business Administration is beginning to approve more small business loans. I happen to think banks will follow suit, especially for franchise owners (who are often considered safer risks than independent business owners).

Over the last few years, banks have been notoriously strict in approving small business loans. A reverse in this trend will give potential franchisees the funds they need to purchase a franchise and cover startup and initial operating expenses.

Also, interest rates are extremely low, making this a great time to seek a loan. Who knows what will happen down the road? Even an interest rate increase of a few percentage points could significantly increase the financial burden of a franchisee who requires a large startup loan.

There Are Even More Franchise Choices Available

Opportunity is in the air as more and more successful businesses decide to franchise. The franchise business model is positively exploding, meaning that prospective franchisees have more choices than ever and can get in on the ground floor of new franchise opportunities.

When a popular business decides to franchise, there is a window of opportunity where the best territories are available and the franchise fee is generally low. These businesses need to attract franchise owners, so they’ll keep costs as low as possible and treat those first franchisees well in order to establish their franchise program on the right foot. The International Franchise Association is predicting that over 14,000 new franchises will launch this year alone!

The variety of franchises available is also astounding. No matter what your passions, interests, background, budget or preferred work schedule, there is likely a franchise out there that will fit you like a glove.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the choice to invest in a franchise must be right for the individual. This is not a decision to rush or jump into. However, if you’ve been holding off on buying a franchise out of fear or nervousness, you could be missing one of the best windows for achieving franchise success.

This blog post was courtesy of Roxanne Rapske, the Franchise Genie. For more information give Roxanne, The Franchise Genie, a call at (877) 372-6480 or visit


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