SXSW - Day 4 Startup Roundup

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Here we go! Day 4 of SXSW and here are some cool startups I learned about:
Right before you have an important meeting with someone, Charlie will sift through news, email, social media and the whole of the Internet to download and create a quick report for you before a meeting. A "bio" report is pulled up on your smartphone that shows a professional background, then a "now" report is pulled up to show you what's going on in their life via their social media posts, likes and interests. @appcharlie

2. Desti
Desti is a travel guide for the iPad that uses your natural language to find what you are really looking for. For example, you can ask Desti "I'd like to stay in a place in San Diego that has a spa and I can bring my dog." Desti gets what you are asking for so you don't have to sift through FAQs and reviews to find out if it's a right fit for you. @getdesti

PAR Works will take a picture of real world objects and overlays them digital info. "Terminator Vision" for the average person. For example, if you are at a shoe store, you can snap a pic of a row of black heels and it will overlay your photo with the info and reviews on each shoe so you can make a decision.  If you are in construction, you can take a pic of a site and get information on materials around you. They are currently working with the military... shhhhh.....


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