SXSW - Day 2 Startup Roundup

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Day 2 is over and again, I've met some really cool founders of really cool startups. Here's the roundup:
Easily Do is a productivity app with a twist. This app will scrub all of your social and productivity apps to keep you organized and on top of your world. Aggregating your calendar, Facebook, email, etc., Easily Do will put everything you need to do in one place and predict for you which is most important and when you should get started. @easilydo

Sitting in the startup lounge, I got to chatting with the founder of Cookening, a French gentleman looking to build the "AirBNB of home cooked meals." It's being built mostly for Americans who travel to France to choose on having a home cooked meal by locals in their home to meet new people and immerse in the culture. Currently, they are in beta, but will be launching soon. @cookening

I met Cem Yilmaz at an event and we quickly started talking about his really cool business. Engine is a tool to add some smarts to your inbox. It allows you to search through your emails contextually instead of by subject line or email address. It adds that extra layer of "search" to your emails. @materionaut

Anna Callahan and I met at a program called Ownership vs. Experience and she told me about her startup, ZoomTilt. ZoomTilt is a video creation platform where a business can pitch an idea for video content and ZoomTilt  has a panel of judges that chose which concept moves forward. The winning pitches then get funding, then get filmed and then get promoted by ZoomTilt's brand partners. Supported by testing and measuring of social sharing, ZoomTilt is a pretty cool concept. @ZoomTilt


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