SXSW - Day 1 Startup Roundup

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Day 1 of South by Southwest is officially over and of course, I learned about, chatted with and shared umbrellas with some really cool startups. Here's my round up of who I chatted with:
It's pouring down rain, so as a fella is walking by, I popped under his umbrella and he said I could stay if I checked out his new startup, Glympse. Glympse is a people discovery app with a timer. So if you want someone to know where you are, you give them permission to "see" your location but only for a set amount of time. Eliminating the creepy "I know where you are at all times" stigma of people discovery technology. @glympse

Sitting at a little table waiting for a program to start, I got to chatting with a woman originally from Nigeria, named Obi. Obi is in the middle of launching a website that will allow you to buy a small gym membership in the event you are traveling. Days or weeks can be bought so you can get your fitness on when out of town. Not yet live, but will be soon. @popingym

On the other side of the table was a gentleman who told me that his wife created a community of stay-at-home moms here in Austin that are on standby to get a text when there is an approaching energy crisis. She allows moms (and dads) who are at home and can make a small change with a big impact on energy in Austin. @gridmoms

Walking down the hallway, a couple guys stopped me to say hello and we started talking about our businesses. Turns out they have a company that they describe as the "American Idol for Startups." Founders can come and participate to compete for the attention of Silicon Valley investors. @startupiconus

Again, sitting at a little table waiting for a program to start, a conversation was struck up between me and a very tired guy. After a bit of chatting, I found out it was Maneesh Sethi, founder of, and he had just flown in from the UK. I love Hack The System, so I was excited to chat with Maneesh a bit about what he's up to and what's next. Turns out he's working in women's hormones these days, as he's helping Dr. Sara Gottfried launch her new book, The Hormone Cure. Follow him to be first in the loop.  @maneesh

I attended Capital Factory's startup crawl and ended up having a drink with the team who runs Tabbed Out. Tabbed Out connects your smartphone to a restaurant's POS system so you can pay right on your phone, split checks and provide valuable customer behavior feedback to the restaurants. @tabbedout


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