Stress Fractures & A Bruised Ego

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Last week, I started to write my first Chic CEO blog post about the connection between leadership and long distance running.  I have been training for a half-marathon for 8 weeks now and I see so many parallels between running and succeeding in business.  A lot of successful business leaders are long distance runners.  There is an undeniable connection between delayed gratification, hard work, focus and long-term success.

Well, I have news.  It pains me to say that I just decided to postpone the half-marathon.  So, there goes that post!  I was inspired to write about this decision anyway because the parallel is still there. I’m just not at the end of the road yet.

Now, before you get a picture of me being a calorie-counting, early-riser, kind of a gal, let me assure you that I am no Jillian Michaels.  I just had pasta for lunch, and I don’t even feel guilty about it. 
Not me ------>
Over the last three weeks, given the shin pain I’d been feeling, fear of getting a stress fracture, coupled with a pretty awful flu, I missed two long runs: 8 miles and 9 miles on consecutive weekends.  Once I was ready to get back on the track, 10 miles were staring at me in the face. I was just not prepared for them.  I'm pretty sure I heard them giggle at me. And, at the ripe age of 34, I am a little afraid of injury.  So, I decided that I would not run the half marathon in October.  So, here I am, feeling like I am back at the beginning of my training, with an ego-bruising decision to postpone the race. 
This made me think back to just a few years ago when I was starting out in my career. Like quite a few young attorneys, my full-time job was to find a full-time job.  I sent out resumes to every firm that advertised, went to networking events, and called up every alumni connection that I could find.  I had quite a few doors slammed in my face. None literally were slammed, thank goodness, but it was close.  Once I started working, I dealt with law firms who took me and my work for granted.  There were also those who failed to timely pay me.  After five years, though, things are moving along much smoother now.  
In the beginning, I recall always feeling that my career had been postponed and that I was missing out on something.  What I learned from that time in my life made me a little wiser and definitely tougher.  Today, I have found plenty of lovely people to work with.  I’ve explored different practice areas.  Most importantly, I’ve felt my knees shake in enough situations that I am confident in saying I’ve stretched myself.  
So, yes.  Today, my ego is bruised.  And, to make matters worse I made such a big deal about this race I have to announce to my family that I will not be running it. Oy! But, something tells me that I will take on that race, in the end.


Don’t throw away that poster I envisioned you holding at the finish line yet, mom. I think you’ll need it again. For instance, this would probably motivate me.

Christie Asselin is a fifth year litigation attorney who manages her own cases and does research and writing for law firms. She just recently launched a practice area devoted solely to legal issues arising from weddings.  



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