Shout Out to the Mamas!

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This post is dedicated to the Chic Mama's out there, who are not only creators of their own business, but co-creators of a tiny life! Here's our ode to all of the mama's out there who KNOW they can have and do it all. 

Here's to you Chic Mama, after you put your baby down, you get on the computer and confidently helm the ship. 
Here's to you Chic Mama, while breast feeding, you run a conference call. 
Here's to you Chic Mama, dropping off your child on the first day of school, crying the whole way to the office. 
Here's to you Chic Mama, your iPhone has your calendar, email and that game app your child loves to play. 
Here's to you Chic Mama, when your teenage daughter wants to take horse riding lessons, you can afford them because you are the breadwinner.
Here's to you Chic Mama, your adult daughter works hard for the things she wants - because you taught her how.

We love and admire all of the mamas out there who not only run kick ass businesses, but instill in their daughters the importance of hard work and following their dreams. You play a big role in creating the leaders of today and tomorrow. A big hug and kiss to Mary Kay Burns and Elaine Coughlin for supporting our dreams. We love you very much. And you're pretty.

Stephanie & Jody



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