Shirts Off To You!

22 Nov 2011

Shirts Off To You!

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When we first met Tanya Maslach, we knew we had met an amazing woman and we have enjoyed every minute of getting to know her since. We have exchanged bananas and now would like to introduce her to you so you can get uber inspired too!

GOTRIbal is holding a national event on December 11th called Shirts Off To The Troops! (details in a minute - let's learn more about this sassy lady).


We asked Tanya a few qustions to help you get a better idea of who she is and about the huge community she has built within GOTRIbal. GOTRIbal empowers, engages and excites women through the journey of endurance sports, and offers members the connections, mentorships and resources to realize their toughest goals. Once you've been given the gift of someone's belief in you, you pay that gift forward to someone in the TRIbe. It's that easy.


Tell us how you came up with the idea to create GOTRIbal.
I was daydreaming about my own crazy training schedule got me wondering how the heck I got into this lifestyle! I remembered the three women I used to swim on a Master’s team with back in Hawaii…they were all incredible women, but they were doing Ironman competitions (140.6 mile triathlons) and they were REALLY fast. So when they invited (read: prodded) me to try a short distance triathlon, I buckled. It became the only way I could see them away from the pool!
I started GOTRIbal because I saw how fast endurance sports had been growing, and all because of women’s influence. Even with the exponential growth, I didn’t see a network that linked all these women together and did what those women had done for me – mentored me along the way. Even as I was new to the sport, they invited me in their ‘training network’ with such humility and grace. It was an added bonus that they were hysterically funny and helped me make fun of the nuances of our sport; which helped me to stay in it, even as I had to squeeze into unsightly lycra and rubber to participate.
GOTRIbal keeps that spirit alive – that humility, inclusivity and service to each other, while still adding a healthy bunch of sarcasm and entertainment along the way.

What were your first steps once you knew this was going to become your full time gig?

My first steps were to really dive in and do some research. I learned some startlingly sad statistics (Since the 1970’s, when women were entering the work force in droves, youth obesity has quadrupled.) and believed GOTRIbal could be the conduit to changing that phenomenon.
I met with women – mainly runners and triathletes – in San Diego and formed small mentor-groups where we supported newer athletes into trying challenges they thought were beyond their ability (doing a sprint triathlon for example). I was blown away by the interest and enthusiasm so I continued to test my ideas with women around the country… and it grew from there.
I also found entrepreneur networks really helpful, and when I was accepted into an entrepreneur program for founders, I dove deeper into building a board, my business, and financial and marketing models.

What are a couple of your biggest recent wins?
It’s been a wild journey throughout, and even the small things I count as wins. Whether they are technically ‘losses’ or not, I perceive them as wins because each one helps me make smarter future decisions. The most recent was my speaking engagement at the Summit for a growing brand, ESPNW. I had the opportunity to speak about building communities of women alongside Microsoft, Blogher and Sugar, Inc. – some of the largest communities on the web. Huge!

What is one big challenge that you've faced and how did you overcome it?

Every day I do something that is scary or challenging. Starting the business was easy compared to some of the stuff that’s been going on in the last year! One of the hardest things I’ve faced, and continue to face, is bringing a team together that has the skills and aptitude to work in such a fast-paced, ever changing environment. I can’t say I’ve nailed it yet, it’s ongoing. For my business, that means bringing people onboard who understand the importance, and meaningfulness, of our social conversations, the appropriate use of multi-media in communicating with our audience, and the programming skill to create products that change people’s behavior, and effects their lifestyles, for the better.

Tell us about the upcoming "Shirts Off to the Troops" run coming up and why you decided to get involved.

We created this first-ever national run campaign to celebrate two things: The Troops coming home after a decade of service in the Middle East and the importance and fun of living an active lifestyle. GOTRIbal tends to have a bit of whimsical, sarcastic humor to its community culture, and so a “Shirts Off!” campaign was designed to allow those who participate to design tee shirts dedicated to a service-man or woman, wear it during their walk or run, and then Take it Off (clean it), and send it to the USO San Diego Chapter so it can be memorialized as a testimony of our national support for their service. We’d really love groups who do the run/walk together to snap a photo of themselves with their shirts and share it with our GOTRIbal Community on our Facebook page album. Sign up or find out more info here:

What can we expect to see from GOTRIbal in the future?
We’re planning two big things in the very near future: 1) a GOTRIbal Tour (somewhat like the “NFL Experience”) in three cities that provides women a means to play and interact with others in an experiential event - regardless of age, athletic ability or background. The events will create fun, active and interactive experiences in fitness, health and giving that inspire and encourage self-discovery, learning and build on our message of Pay It Forward. 2) we are in the process of looking for engineers to help build our first product that will enable women to see the impact their lifestyle has on their health and fitness over time while giving them a means to use their TRIbes to compete to reach milestones at the same time. We know we all love competition; but what we really enjoy is doing it in a meaningful, safe and social environment. So we want to create that experience so women around the world can do it together, regardless of their location. Keep your eye out!

At Chic CEO we say “Go big or go home” …in other words – GOTRIbal!





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