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You know, the term "sales" has such a negative connotation to it sometimes. It's such a shame, because without "sales" you have no business! It's really all in how you handle your sales process - are you coming from a place of being in service to your prospects? 

This week, in both the radio interview and my article, I address this subject. I invite you to take some time over the weekend to read and listen to the radio show and check in with yourself about your gut reaction to the term "sales" and what it means to you. How might that initial reaction be affecting your bottom line? What can you do to shift the energy around "sales" in your business to work FOR you, not AGAINST you?
There are a lot of misconceptions around sales because, unfortunately, some sales people have approached it the wrong way. Instead of asking questions and finding out what people want or need, they tell people what they need instead. This is a turnoff, right? Nobody wants to be told what they need or what to do for that matter. When people approach sales this way, it is a total turnoff and gives the process a bad rep.
One of my mentors said once that sales isn’t what you do to someone, it’s what you do for them. Sales is about asking questions and listening. It is not about talking and telling someone about your product / service. How can you truly be sure your product or service can actually help someone if you don’t take the time to ask them questions?
When you approach sales with love, you are genuinely interested in helping people. Sure, we all have our financial goals that we’re working towards and that’s okay. We all deserve an abundant life, and if you approach sales from this place of service, the money will flow.
Service has to be your primary focus. Asking the right questions will enable you to determine if you can actually help someone. If you can’t help them, then refer them to someone who you trust that can. Just by doing this you are much more credible and trustworthy, and even the people that are saying no to you are much more likely to refer you in the future.
When we come from a place of service and love instead, we are truly thinking about how we can help people. If our product / service can help them, then buying from us is the natural next step. The great thing about this strategy is that you will actually feel empowered as well. Someone needs your expertise, and it feels amazing to be of service and have the opportunity to help!
The problem is that most people are coming from a place of lack and scarcity. They don’t really buy into the fact that the universe will always support them and that abundance is readily available. If they did, then it wouldn’t matter if someone didn’t buy from them. When you truly believe that your success is certain, you will have nothing to worry about. Your needs and desires will be taken care of. When you step into this mindset, you will start to show-up differently. You will radiate love, light and inspiration for others. People will naturally be drawn to you. You will miraculously think of new ideas and be directed to the people who can help you. It is a fascinating energy to be a part of!
Now go sell from the heart!
If you’re interested in a compassionate sales conversion tool to help you with your conversations, just email my team and they will be happy to give you a great resource.

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