The Rhythm of Connection

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Here at Drum Cafe West, we understand that there are a variety of reasons organizations turn to us to help them unify and align the individuals within. In some cases, there are communication issues; in others, there may be concerns surrounding diversity. Through our experiences, we’ve developed several different programs to serve each individual organization’s corporate team building needs through drumming. Today, we’re talking about finding the rhythm of connection.

What does that mean exactly? Merriam-Webster defines connection as, “a political, social, professional, or commercial relationship.” That seems pretty broad, but when you stop to think about it, we have a connection to everything that surrounds us, whether it is positive, neutral, or negative. Teams that aim for connection are already connected— it just may not be a positive connection. Have you noticed that your team communicates in a hostile or aggressive manner? Maybe they only talk about their projects and never take time to get to know one another as individuals. Either way, it’s important to recognize that they have built a connection, and it just needs some tweaking to optimize it.


That’s where we come in. In The Rhythm of Connection, we aim to right the course of these misguided connections through group drumming. If you follow us on social media, you’ve likely seen us sharing some of the physical and emotional benefits of group drumming. One that is most significant when discussing connection is the grounding that drumming provides. Because it is an activity that requires the mind and body, it places us squarely in the present moment. We’re unable to think about past stresses or future worries. When we focus on the moment, we can truly find a positive connection. In daily conversation, we are easily influenced by our prior biases. As your fellow colleague is speaking in a team meeting, you may find yourself thinking about the last time they made a mistake on a project or made a comment that irked you. In a Drum Cafe West group drumming session, it’s nearly impossible to think about those moments. The act of drumming allows us to relax and open up to a different form of connection and communication. It removes everyone from his or her comfort zone, and allows for a connection through a shared experience. This is why drumming is such an effective team building tool.

Next time you’re in a meeting with your colleagues, stop for a moment and bring awareness to your connection. Is it positive, neutral, or negative? How could it be improved? It just may be that a group drumming session is exactly what you need.

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Drum Cafe West leverages the stunning power of rhythm to engage people quickly and emotionally by providing corporate team building events, corporate entertainment, and education events. As a world leader in interactive drumming, we have a number of teams across the United States, Canada, and the world that create unparalleled corporate team building and entertainment events. We shift attitudes and effect change in organizations of all sizes and industries, including some of the most powerful brands in the world such as Google, Virgin Airlines, Microsoft, Yahoo, Intel and eBay.


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