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In watching the final episode of Oprah I was very inspired. One of the most moving things that she said that really resonated with me was when she was recalling an experience she had with an esthetician. Oprah told the woman that she had received the best facial she had ever had and the woman responded with, “That’s because I am passionate about popping zits!”
The statement sounds funny to most of us (those of us that are not as passionate about acne) but is really so beautiful when you think about it. When you have the opportunity to live out your passion, you also allow yourself the opportunity to do your best work, to perform at your best capacity and to feel excited about it. I’m sure the esthetician did her very best because she was giving Oprah the facial but that sort of enthusiasm is something that we all have the opportunity to capture.
Oprah followed up that story by asking her viewers to all follow their passion and it inspired me to continue to follow my passion of making a difference in this world by helping women. Chic CEO is passionate about inspiring, teaching, leading and educating women to help them find and follow their passions and enable them to make a living at it. Getting paid to live a passionate life sounds like a dream to me. One day Stephanie Burns, CEO of Chic CEO, turned to me and said, "Thank you for helping me build my business." I instantly turned back to her and said, "Thank you for saving my soul by allowing me to feel passionate about something I put so much of my time, effort and energy into." I Heart Chic CEO!
Not everyone gets the chance to be passionate about the work they do that pays their bills, but I challenge you to live passionately and see where that power takes you. What are you passionate about? Comment below - we can't wait to hear!
Jody Coughlin



I am passionate about all things beauty......and how passionate the beauty industry is in giving back to the community!


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