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We are now back from New York and after a whirlwind of meetings, sightseeing, lots of eating and a successful NYC SAVVY event, some reflection is in order. Taking a moment to think about where we were just a year ago as we approach the one-year anniversary of our San Diego SAVVY events…well, its amazing. This time last year we were just about to find out that Forbes thinks we are one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurial Websites for Women. Our team of 2 has grown to 6 plus our fabulous intern and we were able to visit with our fist intern as she now works for a company in New York that she met through her internship with us. The opportunities that we get to explore today (announcements to come in the near future…lots in the works) are things we could never have imagined even just a couple of months ago.

We discussed some of our good fortunes Saturday night over dinner in SoHo with our VP of Emerging Markets, Maggie. She is a new-ish member to our team and we couldn’t be more pleased with her attitude, her work ethic and the amazing event she put on Wednesday night at our first NYC SAVVY. She asked us how we’ve gotten where we are today and Stephanie and I looked at each other and both said – hard work! The nice thing about our partnership is that we both work our asses off, and when one of us needs a break because we can’t think straight anymore, the other steps in. Stephanie described it the other day as “blissfully exhausted.” I love that term because although we are pooped, we take the time to celebrate each of our success, pinch ourselves and set new bars for our company and there is nowhere else we’d rather be spending our time.
We spent one afternoon with the co-founders of CitySlips while we were in Manhattan and we walked away being so proud of them. It may have been a bit of pride mixed with awe because they have accomplished so much at such a young age (check out the video interview) but I think a lot of the pride came from the fact that we know we will get to share their story with our community and it will undoubtedly help at least one woman have the courage to launch her business.


We also had the opportunity to meet over 100 women at our NYC SAVVY event and there were a few who really stuck out to me. They had no idea that there was such a supportive entrepreneurial community out there. The pride that I feel when I know the information we share and the tools we provide are making a difference literally beams out of me. My New York State of Mind is that of gratitude, pride and excitement for all that the future holds, not just for Chic CEO but for all of you that are working your butts off to make the life that you want for yourselves and your families. You go girl and don’t let anything stand in your way!





You go, ladies! Keep it up!


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