New I-9 Tax Forms

09 Apr 2013

New I-9 Tax Forms

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New I-9 Forms

We've received inquiries looking for clarification on the new I-9 tax forms. Many employers are concerned about whether or not their employees need to fill out the new updated I-9 form to verify eligibility to work in the US. Rest assured, according to the ICE website and the Employers Guide to I-9 Compliance (see links below), your only obligation with the new form is to start using it with your new hires.

New I-9 Form
Employers Guide to I-9 Compliance

For compliance guidance, please refer to the Chic Black Book to find a tax professional in your area.


The birthday message from Stephanie landed me as new ChicSiren member. I shared this with wither her;

The tone and style of your communications is top notch branded. I NOTICE branding because almost daily I "coach" clients to identify, own and leverage their own personal brand. A article I quipped on the topic if you have the luxury of time to click through......

I rarely have the time to click through but ChicSiren communications are so well crafted and distinct that I often do anyway. And many a time I have pondered whether or not I "need" the membership. I nibble on the hook. With the creativity of your "pay what you can" (or what you "will") offer, on top of the revelry of celebrating your birthday I offer $XXX. I personally have always treated my birthday as a National Holiday and have planned big fun and no work. I love each new number, even the "50" that this year brought me.

Just know you are a soul sister and that I should also break down and realize that I could learn much from the organization you have so masterfully marketed.

Happy Birthday Stephanie.

Shelly Orr Priebe
Shelly Orr Priebe
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Woop Woop!! Welcome Shelly!


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