Let's Hear It For The Boys!

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As we edge up on our first birthday in December (stay tuned for birthday party details!) we have a lot to be thankful for. More importantly, we have a lot of people to be thankful to. In our efforts to push female entrepreneurs forward by giving them the tools they need to get their businesses started, we have a few fellas that have been there for us and continue to be as we've started this journey. So - Let's Hear It For The Boys!!

Matt Greene, owner of 6 Degrees and Principal of Greene Financial & Insurance Services!


Matt has been an integral part of Chic CEO since day 1. As owner of the most effective and well known (not to mention the coolest) networking group in San Diego, Matt has connected Chic CEO with some incredible women in our community. Partnering with Chic CEO to start San Diego SAVVY has allowed us to interact with, connect and help the women we are serving. Matt is always spreading the word about our efforts and has been one of our biggest supporters. He believes in us and what we are doing. 

Honestly and truly, if it weren't for Matt, Chic CEO wouldn't be where it is today. Even though he's given Jody a beautiful diamond ring, he's resolved that he's really marrying both of us. ;)



Lars Helgeson, Founder & CEO of GreenRope


We met Lars over the summer (an introduction from Matt!) and fell into a lovely business relationship. Lars is the brainchild behind some of the most powerful Email Marketing/CRM software out there and is the reason Chic Works exists!

Lars is continually striving for excellence in everything he touches and we certainly appreciate everything his does for Chic CEO and for Chic Works. Always a cheerleader for Chic CEO, we are thankful for Lars, his team and his love for Lord of The Rings. 




Mike Paganelli, owner Your KW Coach


Mike was Jody's "work spouse" at her former job and recently uncovered that he is actually Stephanie's twin (a Luke and Leia connection really). Mike is a Keller Williams trained coach and realtor.

As one of our biggest supporters, Mike has spent countless hours helping us define our goals, set strategies and tactics for doing so, as well as simply listening when we get overwhelmed. Cooking us dinner, meeting us for lunch, calling and sending uplifting messages, Mike keeps us moving forward towards all of our goals. Mike's support for us personally and professionally has been a true gift to both of us and Chic CEO. And he ALWAYS tells us we're pretty.



Thanks guys! We couldn't do this without you. 

Chic CEO



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