A lesson from the fitting room

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Ever buy an outfit or article of clothing only for it to sit in your closet with the tags still on for years? How about the opposite side of the spectrum where you bought an outfit you absolutely loved and couldn’t wait to show it off? What was the difference in those outfits? Could there have been a way for you to know which scenario would happen prior to your handing over your credit card to the salesperson?

My answer is yes! Someone once shared with me how you feel about the outfit in the fitting room is the most important feeling while making a shopping decision. If, in the fitting room, you absolutely love the outfit and yourself in it, you will go home and rock it. If you have doubts about the outfit in the fitting room, those doubts will persist, and even grow, once you get home. Her advice to me was to only buy articles of clothing if they make you say, “yes, this is awesome!” when trying it on. You should absolutely love it before deciding to purchase. Don’t bother buying anything you have doubts about or think is just okay because you will likely never rock that outfit.
The same applies to interviewing. If you have doubts about someone during the interview process, those doubts will likely only get more pronounced once you’ve hired them. Pay attention to those doubts, even if you can’t articulate why they exist. If you’ve used a structured interview process, those doubts are telling you something. Don’t make excuses for them, ignore them or make allowances for them. Listen to those doubts and be careful about hiring the person who is giving you a moment to pause.

Thought Leader, Laura Renner, helps business owners make smart hiring decisions by getting them to hire with intention. She works with businesses on developing their hiring strategies and systematizing their hiring processes. Laura believes that surrounding yourself with people who are going to make you better is the only way to ensure you're maximizing your life.



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