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Who knew working out with your dog could be so much fun!


Dawn Celapino
Company: Leash Your Fitness

I was fighting with my boyfriend because he worked all of the time so I decided to get a dog.  I researched and found the perfect dog for me.  A small and mighty Cairn Terrier named “Jack” and we bonded so tightly that I started taking him with me everywhere.  I am a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor - if any of the companies that I worked for did not allow Jack to come in, then I'd quit.  I started training all of my clients in their homes and most of them had dogs and adored Jack.  I started incorporating their dogs into their workouts and they LOVED IT! I started thinking, "Maybe I should create classes for dogs and their owners to workout together."  I went to the Helen Woodward Surfing Event in September of 2008 and there were thousands of dog lovers there. I thought if this many people are at a dog surfing event, then there might be a market for my classes!  Hence, Leash Your Fitness was born.  I started practicing with my neighbors and their dogs and they had a lot of fun. We now have classes almost everyday. We lead hikes, have kayak outings, camping trips, surfing events, trail running and Dog Yoga classes. In 2013 we will celebrate 5 years in business. We have helped hundreds of women, who don’t like to exercise and are now losing weight because exercising with your dog is FUN! 

What is something you wish you would have known when you started your business?
I wish I had been more organized when starting my company.  I had no business plan and everything was trial and error.  

What are the benefits of owning your own company?

Easy--I get to work outside in the beautiful San Diego parks and Jack gets to go everywhere with me.

How do you maintain and keep a balanced home and work life while owning your company?

Keeping a balanced life is tricky.  I love what I do so if I want to go camping or hiking, I invite the group and get paid for it!  I also hired an instructor to teach in the evenings and on Saturday’s to allow me to have some free time.

What is a quote that your business/company/or you live by?

“If you do not LOVE what you are doing, then CHANGE what you are doing” –you spend way too much time at work to not love it!


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