Keeping Your Culture Through Growth

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Recently, a small business owner asked me how to keep a culture intact when you’re growing so fast. The answer is simple but hard to do: commitment.

You’ve got to be committed to the values that make up your company culture. You’ve got to live them everyday. They need to guide your decisions, come up in conversations, be embedded in training.
When it comes to hiring, those values need to be listed on the job ad. More importantly, they need to be part of the criteria for which you hire. Interview questions should be centered around them. Those values that make up your culture must be an integral part of hiring. Culture is the glue of your company. The weaker it is, the weaker your company.
Ok, maybe all that is doable and not too difficult.  Where the pressure comes in is time. Hiring for culture and values takes longer than hiring to get a butt in the seat. You’ve got to find a balance between the pressure of time and losing your culture. You can start hiring sooner than you’re ready, you can always be hiring—never turn off the spigot, or you can come up with creative ways to hire a lot of people in a short amount of time (contact me for ideas on that one). It’s a tough thing to do but it is critical to find that balance.
If you feel you’re already losing your culture and values through your growth, it’s not too late. The key here is to develop your values with your team. That’s a way to get their buy in. If they help create the company’s values, they are more likely to adopt them and to hold each other to them. Then you can hire people who are going to keep them going.
Keeping your culture during growth is not easy but it is doable and important. If it were easy, every company would have a strong culture!

Thought Leader, Laura Renner, helps business owners make smart hiring decisions by getting them to hire with intention. She works with businesses on developing their hiring strategies and systematizing their hiring processes. Laura believes that surrounding yourself with people who are going to make you better is the only way to ensure you're maximizing your life.



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