Interview with Mompreneur Yvette Durazo: Creating Unity between Business & Family

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Unitive Consulting brings you practical alternative dispute resolution services and performance enhancement solution for professionals and companies.  We assist professional to develop an accurate sense of self-perception to become better communicators.  We utilizes key tools to develop professional’s ability to identify and overcome inconsistent or clashing personal/professional belief systems to achieve success, improve decision making skills and increase performance. We also focus on cross-cultural business communications and relationship building to assist clients looking to identify the impact of culture on work, and to develop core competencies required for cross-cultural success in organizations.  Our services are conducted in Spanish and English.

From your own experiences, what is the most valuable piece of advice that you would give to your daughter if she wanted to become an entrepreneur?
There is an abundance of valuable advice that I would share, but I will express what I believe to be the most important. First, where a deep desire lays, “Go For It”, since it is one of the most rewarding things she can do with her career. Second, start her business development earlier in her life when she has less responsibility on her hands. Third, to learn the psychology of human relationships, and why one may ask? These relationships will directly impact her business success and her economics. Fourth, that she find the best mentors, individuals that have already achieved the success she is aiming for her business, because those are the people that know all the tricks and tips as they have already learned from their experiences and lessons.
As a mother, what is something you wish you would have known when you started your business, and how do you think it's affected you as a parent?
I would like to have known mentors that would give me laser insight on how to build clients and how to present my services.  A business takes time to develop clients, and sometimes I tent to overwork and think too much about my business that I accidently don’t make time for my daughter to take her to her activities.
What are the benefits of owning your own company in relation to your family life?
The benefit of owning my business is that I can work around my schedule. I have the potential to earn an income that allows me to send my daughter to college and save for my retirement. Eventually build the capacity to have discretionary income, work on my passion, freedom and balance life.
What sacrifices have you had to make for the sake of your family or career, and how have they affected one another?
As I am in the earliest stages of my business, one of the many sacrifices I have made to start my business is that I am busy and time is limited to spend with my daughter. I am working part time in the process I develop my business; therefore I work many hours at this point. As a business owner I have to wear many hats in my business in order to make things happen.  My business is my career that I just started to develop, because I am passionate about what I do and the value I can provide to others.
What is a quote or motto that your business/company/or you live by and how does this reflect your family values?
I have many quotes that I like and live by, but one that I think is appropriate to share with the Chic CEO audience is the following:
“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strengths and resolutions.”
Khalil Gibran (1883-1931)
Why I selected that quote? Because sometimes women portray themselves to be harsh, which creates their image as a ‘bad person’. There are ways for women to be tender and kind, while also inspiring and respecting each other. That is something I live by and I am teaching my daughter along the way to become a strong, compassionate and assertive woman.

Has being a mother reflected upon your decision making with your own business?

Yes, I want to set up an example for my daughter. I want her to value her education and to teach her how my education is leading me to develop a business that I am passionate about and I can make money while I am enjoying my career.


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