I would like to give you my banana.

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Easy there! It's not like that!  It means that I admire you and would like to become friends. Let me explain...
(yes, that's Stephanie.)
About a year ago, a friend of a friend started a new yoga class that she just loved. After a few classes she had developed a bit of a "girl crush" on the yoga instructor. She loved her sense of style, her teaching methods and she seemed like someone worth getting to know. Over drinks one night, this friend of a friend started talking about her yoga instructor and how she really liked her. She knew they would be instant buds but needed a way to break the ice. So an initial "ice breaking" conversation ensued. She noticed that the yoga instructor always had a banana after class so our friend thought it might be a good idea to bring her a banana. After the laughter stopped, the definition of "stalker" was explained, and our friends embarrassment disappeared, we've never let go of the phrase, "I want to give her my banana." Basically used when we think someone is really awesome, super brilliant and overall fabulous. After networking events, happy hours, and general meet and greets, there is always some super cool chick that I'd love to give my banana too.   As women, it's so important to lift each other up, support each other and cheer each other on. If you think another lady is amazing, go ahead and give her your banana.   

Giving you my banana,
Chic CEO  
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Cute. I'm new here, don't know ChicCEO's amazing-ness...yet, but at first blush, I'll gladly share my banana. : )

I will gladly give my banana, and an apple too! I love this story, and have a lot of people that I'd like to get to know. I'd like to know the owners of the site here, and all of their book author friends.

The "Crush" often is more of a business sided crush though. It's more of a "We would work great together if only we were partners!" kind of crush.

Biz savvy and partnering up with other biz savvy chics is the way to go!!



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