How to Create Powerful Momentum by Giving Thanks

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I’ve been a big believer in having a regular practice of gratitude for awhile now, but it’s even more in the forefront of my mind these days. So far, 2013 has been a wonderful year that has allowed me to step into new opportunities. This week I’m feeling thankful for the opportunity to serve as an expert at David Neagle’s Break Through Live Experience.
I’m also really thankful for the life I’ve created with my husband. Sure, we have ups and downs like anyone else, but we are truly fortunate. We are in good health, have amazing children and have been able to make some pretty big dreams come true! I’m thankful for the evolution of my business too, which would not be possible without you! Thank you for allowing me into your life as a teacher and enabling me to learn from you too. I am blessed to be able to work with such amazing people! I am sending you huge heartfelt thanks :)
This week I share a few tips on how being grateful can actually benefit your bottom line. Read on to learn how.
It’s been my experience that when I’m feeling grateful, I’m in a happier mood overall. I’m hopeful about the future and have a clear perspective about the present. I like to make it a morning habit of starting off my day from this place. I run through everything I’m feeling thankful for. Sometimes it’s as small as looking at the palm trees and feeling thankful I live in a tropical place – it does also remind me just how big of a dream come true it was for us to move here :) My “attitude of gratitude” practice really does give the day a positive kick start!
We all know what happens when you’re in a good mood. You attract and receive more to be in a good mood about. It’s the law of vibration in action. This is super important to understand in order for you to achieve the goals you want to reach. For whatever you desire in your business – i.e. more clients, increasing your income, etc. – the way to do it is already there. The problem is that you are not allowing it to come into your awareness.
What’s happening is that you’re not vibrating at a high enough vibration to accept the solution into your awareness. I’ll explain this briefly in case you are new to this concept. It’s basically the laws of physics in action. We are all energy – apparently one person has enough energy to light up an entire city! Our thoughts and feelings create energy. Energy attracts more of the same type of energy. Therefore, positive attracts more positive, and unfortunately, negative attracts more negative. For a more scientific explanation on this, check out the movie What the Bleep Do We Know?!
Ever felt like things are flowing and going really well? It’s not a coincidence. When you are feeling good about something you are giving off a good “vibe”. You are attracting more to you that has the same energy. You are also in a state to accept more to you that has the same energy. This works the same for negative energy, and you can probably see why it’s so important to stay in good spirits. Being thankful does just that.
Of course we’re all human and have our down times. If you’re like me, you “feel” things deeply and have to take extra care in staying positive and clear of negative energy. If something happens that makes me feel “off,” I have a few things that help me change my mood.
The first is taking care of myself. I can definitely do better at this, but I can tell you when I do, my business and life flow effortlessly. I feel amazing and function at my best. By taking care of myself, I mean taking time to myself that is not work-related. Where I have a break from the regular grind – both professional and personal – and am doing something relaxing and that I love. This could be anything from getting a massage, going for a hike or as simple as reading a book. This creates a calm, peaceful and happy energy for me.
The second is asking for a shift in perspective. If I’m really reacting to something / someone, I will use this technique. It works every time. I will use this at night before I go to sleep if something is really bothering me. Lo and behold, I always wake-up feeling better and am led to something else during the day that helps me shift my perspective. The important point here is that I’ve set theintention to feel better and it always happens.
It’s important to note here that this can also mean letting go of an old belief. An old belief that is no longer serving you – like it’s hard to make money or that you have to stay stuck doing something for a living that you don’t love. These types of thoughts are negative, thus making it hard for you to notice all of the positive solutions and opportunities around you that will take you directly to achieving your goal. What beliefs do you need to let go of?
The third is to do something nice for someone. Of course this needs to be genuine and with you not looking for anything in return. It’s amazing how good it feels to give to someone else. It can be as simple as buying someone a coffee or saying thank you to a colleague. This will help you shift your energy and operate from a more positive place.
The more you can stay positive, both professionally and personally, the greater the results you will see. Amazing opportunities are all around you right now. What can you do today to step into them?
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