Hiring is a marketing dance

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Marketing is a critical piece to the success of any business. It’s the way to have new customers find you and to remind previous customers about you. The first part of hiring is very similar. Here’s how:

 • The job ad should answer the question, “What’s in it for them?”     
 - Just like any marketing copy, your job ad needs to speak to the candidate. It needs to tell them why they should come work for you, what they’ll get out of it, who you are and what you do. 

 • The job ad should be placed in areas where your target market will see it.
 - Niche sites are quite effective. Also, your own employees and customers will likely know people they can refer to you, just like you seek referrals for new    customers.

 • Your hiring process, candidate experience, and culture combine to create your Employer Brand.
 - Just like you cater your marketing messages to embody your brand, how you treat your employees comprises your employer brand. Every step within     your hiring process should have a connection to your employer brand. Your hiring process either strengthens or diminishes that brand. Not sure if yours does either? Here’s a hint: if every step in your hiring process does not have a reason for it that is driven by your company culture, you are diminishing your employer brand.

Once you have candidates, then you can begin asking, “What’s in it for me?” The candidate’s marketing begins with their resume. But you have to get the candidates first. 

Thought Leader, Laura Renner, helps business owners make smart hiring decisions by getting them to hire with intention. She works with businesses on developing their hiring strategies and systematizing their hiring processes. Laura believes that surrounding yourself with people who are going to make you better is the only way to ensure you're maximizing your life.


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