Hey Future You!

21 Aug 2012

Hey Future You!

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Sometimes, when I am having a dilemma, I quiet my mind and say "Hey Stephanie 2013, what would you want me to do right now?" 

I try to think a year out how the decision I'm about to make might affect Stephanie 2013, and Chic CEO 2013. (As well as all of the 2013 people around me that I love.) In life, we need to make sure we instill forethought into the decisions we make. This is also true for your super kick-ass business.

Here are a few things you can do to help out your future self when running your business. 

1. Recurring Projects.
We all work on projects that are weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. When that much time passes between projects, we sometimes forget some of the little details that make things run smoothly. You might catch yourself saying, "Well next year, I'm not going to bind the annual reports at ABC Printing because it was too expensive." or "Next quarter, I'm going to provide ceramic cups for the sales meetings to cut down on waste." Write yourself a "Helpful Hints" document for all future projects. Keep a running log of what you'd like to do differently after that project is over, how you'd like to improve it, even the smallest detail, such as "Don't turn the air-conditioning on before the group gets here, because it cost us $245 more dollars." etc. Make a document like this for every project/event you have. 

Not only will you be more prepared for it when you have to revisit the project, you will be able to have a guide for any assistant, intern, etc. that might be helping you. Future you will feel "all put together."

2. Emails. 
Emailing isn't just a way for us to communicate, it's also a record keeping system and a to-do list. A year can go by really quickly and you might have 20,000 emails in your inbox. OVERWHELMING to 2013 You. Take a day or two to create project folders in your email to start filing your emails. File emails in your inbox and your sent emails. Yes, your sent emails - into a file dedicated to each project/client/customer, etc.

This way, when someone needs you to recall a meeting from last year, you have an email of the notes as a backup on the information you were given and the information you sent. Trust me, 2013 You will love it. 

3. Worrying. 
Think about your business a year ago - if you didn't have a business a year ago, think about how far you've come since last year. Now think about your business today from the perspective of you in a year. WOW! Can you believe all that has happened? No doubt, things are progressing and you've come a long way. 

Worrying just puts un-needed stress on you, your body, your friends, your family, etc. Try thinking of today from the perspective of 2013 You. This can be tough, but can be powerful in lowering your stress levels. You're doing the best you can and you've already come so far in a year, next year is going to kick ass! 

What would you want your future self to think about for you today?


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