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We’re sure many of you have heard the Confucius quote, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.”  This sentiment resonates with Pure Barre studio owners around the country, many of whom have left high powered careers to open a Pure Barre studio... and never looked back!
Through Pure Barre’s franchising program, hundreds of women across the country have been able to achieve their career goals, while leading a balanced and fulfilled life. They enjoy the independence and satisfaction of owning their own local business, with the benefits of a national brand and a strong corporate team to support them.
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All types of women have turned their passion for Pure Barre into thriving businesses, and gotten lots of help from the expanding Pure Barre corporate team along the way. Here, several studio owners share their stories:
Pure Career
Michelle Garcia Davidson, owner of two Pure Barre studios in Washington, D.C., was working as a high-profile tax lawyer in New York City when she fell in love with Pure Barre. Although she enjoyed her job, she dreamed of a more fulfilling career that would prioritize her active lifestyle and impact the lives of others.
She just couldn’t stop thinking about opening her own Pure Barre.
After talking it over with her husband, Michelle applied to open a studio in their hometown of Washington, D.C. The same week her franchise application was approved, her husband got a job offer in D.C. It was meant to be. “We just went for it,” Michelle says.
She opened her first location in Dupont Circle in April, 2013 and her second in Capitol Hill in March, 2014. Michelle’s husband works in real estate so they had no problem finding great locations, but Michelle leans on Pure Barre’s corporate team to get clients in the door and keep them coming back.She loves that Pure Barre provides a wide range of high-quality marketing materials, saving her tons of time and money she would otherwise spend to come up with promotions and graphic design. “Whether it’s a graphic to put on Facebook or a Mother’s Day gift card promotion, I can find it quickly, and the branding is great.”
Pure Partners
Many franchisees open their studios with partners, like Jen Leitch and Jenn Vannatta, owners of two studios in South Carolina. Jen opened a studio in Mount Pleastant alone with the goal of eventually expanding with a partner. She found the right fit in Jenn, one of her Pure Barre teachers. The pair opened Pure Barre—Charleston together and Jenn subsequently bought into the first studio as well. Now, as 50/50 partners in both locations they liken their relationship to a marriage citing loyalty, respect, friendship and open communication as keys to success. “Now I’ve got somebody else who cares and is invested as much as I am,” Jen says. “We share the same stresses and the same joys because we both know what it takes to run a studio.”
Both also work as master teacher trainers at Pure Barre headquarters in Spartanburg, S.C., and they love that Pure Barre’s training program has the highest standards of quality control and consistency, producing teachers who return to their studios ready to rock.  “They have streamlined the training process and drilled down to what gets clients results,” says Jen. “That's what keeps Pure Barre getting better and stronger.”
Pure Moms
Many Pure Barre owners have children, and while owning a studio is hard work, it offers the freedom to create your own work-life balance. Anne Fava and Susan Singleton, co-owners of Pure Barre-Annapolis, have five children between them ranging from toddlers to teens. Their kids love coming to the studio and are proud of their moms, and Anne says running a successful Pure Barre sets a great example for kids.  “I would recommend it to any mother who wants her own career,” she says. “It’s a lot of work but it’s so fulfilling.”
The Pure Barre corporate team made it easy for the pair to open their studio, with weekly check-in calls to keep them on track. “This went from a conversation to a business plan to a real studio in five months,” Anne says. “You want to pinch yourself. You just have to take a deep breath and realize how amazing and how fortunate you are to do this.” Allison Weyand, owner of several Pure Barre studios in Michigan, has three children under 5. Even with three studios, she’s able to put family first. “Opening a studio is the hardest part, getting it off the ground the first three to six months,” she says. “Once it’s up and running you can work your schedule around your family’s needs.”
As one of Pure Barre’s original owners, who opened her first studio in 2007, Allison says the corporate team has gotten franchising down to a science.
“The company has come so far in the past year especially,” she says. “It’s such a well-run system with such passionate people running the corporate end of things. We are really getting the support we need as owners. Especially for those newbies who are doing this for the first time.”
Pure Fitness
Connie Popwell, owner of Pure Barre—Athens, is among Pure Barre owners who have been active all their lives. Many franchisees have backgrounds in dance, cheerleading or gymnastics and have turned their passion for fitness into a career. In Connie’s case, she was an equestrian growing up and says over the years she has tried everything from cross-fit classes to spinning. After graduating from the University of Georgia in 2010 she spent a year in Jackson Hole, Wyoming skiing, hiking, biking and exercising polo horses. When she returned to Atlanta to take a job in an insurance agency she became addicted to Pure Barre.
“After giving it a couple classes I was completely hooked,” she says. “As someone who has tried and is a lover of so many different types of fitness it’s so unlike anything else out there and it creates results like nothing else.”
She said the corporate team helps pinpoint markets that will support a Pure Barre, and provided the tools and resources to enable her to open her studio with confidence. Even so, Connie says it was daunting to take the plunge and open a studio in her mid-twenties. “It was a really scary time in my life but I kept fighting through it with the support of the Pure Barre corporate team,” she says. “When the doors opened we had a sold out first week and it’s been pretty much sold out ever since.” Connie says she has never second-guessed her decision to open a Pure Barre and is hoping to add a second location soon.
“The main thing I tell people is if you’re the right personality for it it’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make,” she says.

Join us for a webinar at 12 pm ET on April 10 to learn more about franchising with Pure Barre. Register today!


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