Don't Feed Fish Apple Pie

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UC Professor George Lakoff said, "Relying on reason is a good way to lose." 
When we create our businesses and go out to get new clients, we like to tell them all about us. Why our company is great, why we are amazing, why they should work with us. We tend to head to networking events, pass out our cards and spew information about ourselves and our company - we love it, so they should too, right? We assume because we've put so much love, attention, time and energy into our business, that of course they would love it and come running with money in hand.
Well you wouldn't feed apple pie to a fish would you?
Of course not! If you want to catch a fish you bait your hook with a big, fat, juicy worm! Just because we might love a warm piece of apple pie doesn't mean that our fish does. This translates exactly to the customer we are trying to hook. 
What do they like? What do they value? What kind of fish are they? 
It's a big waste of your time and theirs if you aren't figuring out what kind of bait attracts them. 9 times out of 10, it's not the same as yours. Are you telling them all about your low prices when all they want is high quality? Are you singing praises about your amazing customer service, when all they want is for it to be delivered on time? 
If you haven't ASKED your customer what their bait is, you must do it now. Today. Start calling up your current customers, past customers, potential customers, and start asking them what they want from a business like yours. It will change your marketing strategy, it will improve your communications, it will most definitely beef up your bottom line.
Bait. Hook. Line. Sinker. 


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