The Dolphin Tank

30 Jul 2012

The Dolphin Tank

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So you've heard of the hit ABC show Shark Tank (and you've probably heard that we are trying to get on it!) but here's a cool opportunity for you to participate in a tank minus the sharks but still get the amazing biz advice and some great exposure! We've partnered with the California Women's Conference and Springboard Enterprises to get you into the Dolphin Tank!

About the Dolphin Tank

Whether you’re creating an 'app' that helps you find new friends or a site that helps you find the right camp for your child, a novel approach to reducing stress, or an easy way to keep track of all the Living Social coupons you've amassed, it's all exciting to us and we want to hear about it. Share your ideas, products and concepts with us in the Dolphin Tank™. Nothing adversarial about it and no 'Debbie Downers' allowed! We swim alongside you, helping you find a message that is concise and compelling so you can bring your new idea to reality, NOW.

Here's what you need to do to participate:

1. Download and study this helpful Madlibs script that will help you prepare your pitch.

2. Upload a 2-minute video that shows your best pitch on Youtube and link it as a video reply to the Dolphin Tank video on our Youtube Channel. Our Youtube Channel is located at or go directly to the video which is located at (Remember to submit a URL/link to your Youtube video when you fill out the Pitch Form.)

3. Complete this Pitch Form to give us information about you and your idea.

That's it - believe us - there is no harm in trying there is only harm in failing to try. So grab your flip cam and get to work sister!

The Fine Print

Deadlines: The FINAL deadline is August 31st. The Dolphin Tank will take place on September 24 at the Long Beach Convention Center.
Who Can Apply: Only attendees of the California Women's Conference can apply to present.
Travel Costs: The costs of travel for the final attendees will not be covered.




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