Does Appearance Equal Experience?

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Old School Thought...
Yesterday, one of my interns came into my office to ask my opinion on something. She noticed that Jody's hair is short and my hair is about shoulder length and wondered if we wore our hair shorter for a reason. 

She has gorgeous, long, thick hair and one of her male professors told her that she needed to cut her hair short if she wanted to be taken seriously when she entered the workforce. Citing that having short hair was more like a man's, that long hair was too youthful and she would be seen as inexperienced. 

My jaw dropped because all of my interns have long hair, and those thoughts have never once crossed my mind. The work she produces, how she carries herself and how she interacts with the rest of the team is what's most important to me. Truly, to me, this notion of hair length is pretty old school. She looked pretty worried - thinking this comment had some merit and why wouldn't she? We learn from our professors and look to them to guide us into our working life. Perhaps it's true in his office, but certainly not in ours.

We've posted this topic on our Facebook page and a lot of you had some strong opinions about it! What do you think? Head over and post your thoughts. 



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