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Feedback (good or bad) can come from a million different sources these days - Facebook, email, Twitter, Yelp, blog comments, and on, and on… Getting your customer's issues resolved when they reach out to you via a multitude of channels can be really difficult and time consuming. 

Chic CEO has recently partnered with Deskero - a robust traditional help desk software but with a difference: it is proactive.

By bringing messages from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networks together with email and telephone messages - you are able to expand the number of customers you reach. Customers can submit help tickets via a simple ticketing system to get their issue resolved before they take it to a public forum. Just install a simple widget on your site and you're off and running. 

Deskero even has a knowledge base that your customers can use to search for answers to their questions. Enter a few of the questions most frequently asked by customers, along with your responses to those questions and upload additional files such as images, demos, or screenshots. Customers can resolve their issues from within your knowledge base.

One of my favorite features? Deskero compiles all of your customer's data and convos then complies them into a really beautiful graphical report. There are 20 templates to choose from. 

We're so excited to have Deskero as a new partner! Sign up for free - and start putting your customer's feedback to work for you!! 
Here a the promo code you can use for any of their services:      
*this is for a 50% discount for six months for any plan. Expires 10/31/13




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