Crowdfunding Success Stories

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I'm sure you've heard some of the buzz around crowdfunding, but have you heard the crazy success that some organizations have had by utilizing this method to gain funds and press? Here are a few examples...

    • The Do Good Bus raised $35,000 on a crowdfunding platform that allowed them to show people how to volunteer all over the
    • The author of "Sam's Birthmark" raised over $31,000 to fund a book that she wrote when her son was born with a birthmark
     on his face.
    • SMAC - Sock Monkeys Against Cancer raised $35,000 in order to give cancer patients everywhere a "buddy" to go through 
     chemo with.
    • PROViDE - raised over $2,000 in order to provide a "dry composting" toilet to people in Haiti.
    • TikTok, which converted the Apple iPod Nano into a watch, attracted 13,500+ backers, and close to $1,000,000.
    • ElevationLab raised almost $1.5 Million in order to create an iPhone dock.
    • The Glif, an iPhone tripod raised over $137,000 in pledges when the original goal was just $10,000.
    • Users contributed over $500,000 to the webcomic site, Penny Arcade in order to have them remove the ads that used to live
     on the site.
    • Red Piggy Press reached their goal of raising money in order to launch the children's book app that offers an interactive kids' 
     book, "All Fixed Up" to parents and children everywhere. 

As you can see from these examples of success, crowdfunding is a viable option for many different types of organizations. Have you thought about how you might be able to crowdfund for your business, project or cause?


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