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We got the chance to sit down with Laurie Barron, owner of the newly launched 3 B Street!!
Tell us what 3 B Street is. 
3 B Street is an online, handmade marketplace for buyers and sellers.  It is quickly becoming the premier marketplace where sellers are carefully selected to ensure high quality, authenticity, and integrity of handmade goods.  3 B Street offers sellers advanced, integrated features to create their own stores while nurturing the success of sellers.  Buyers will be delighted with a unique shopping venue and will easily find that perfect handmade product.  Take a stroll through 3 B Street and enjoy the experience.
What was your inspiration for starting a company like this?
My inspiration for starting a company like this cannot be isolated to one answer, but rather a compilation of passions.  I have always been creative and wanted to be my own boss for the freedom and flexibility I desired in my life.  I wanted to build a company that would make a difference in others' lives while solving common needs and frustrations.  Building a website of this magnitude has been no small undertaking, but I took the challenge and built an amazing service.  Ultimately combining 3 B Street with my greatest passion, giving back to charities, it will prove to become my greatest accomplishment.
What do you wish you knew before you started that you know now? 
When I started 3 B Street, I had the skill, motivation, and ideas and utilized an amazing team to deliver the service.  However, starting your own company involves much more time commitment, money, and emotion than I realized.  All three of those factors are hard to predict, and it's easy to see where many fail.  I use each challenge as a learning experience and maintain an optimistic outlook.  With that being said, if I had known then the perpetual roller coaster of starting a new company, I might have been too afraid of all it's challenges.  But, after a two year investment, there is no going back now and I wouldn't trade this journey and lessons for the world.
What is your big vision for 3 B Street? 
My big vision for 3 B Street is to become the premier handmade marketplace where sellers find success and buyers easily find the best, high quality products desired.  3 B Street desires to lead not only the handmade marketplace, but as a new way of shopping with a virtual experience.  We will become the "place to be" and establish communities of a supportive network.  Ultimately, 3 B Street will measure it's success based on our ability to not only help it's users, but in giving back to charities and the community as well.
If you could give one piece of advice to another woman starting a business, what would it be?
If I could give advice to another woman starting her own business, it would be to follow your heart.  Many others have tried to get me to take a more "corporate" or "standard" approach, but I feel that's already been done.  I enjoy being different, in fact, don't want to conform, and any business can be infused with creativity.  Women can often create a less competitive and more supportive environment, so be sure to take advantage and recognize opportunities when they're presented.  Never be afraid to ask, because somebody will most likely be willing to help.  Believe in others, yet trust your intuition.
What is your favorite mistake?
My favorite mistake was my naivety when I started the company. I knew little about the extensiveness of the details, roles, and expertise that was needed.  I trusted too soon and hired the wrong people, which eventually led me to a great asset in a business partner.  Of course, I'm now better off for it, but being a first time entrepreneur I had little basis for comparison.  Since finding a mentor and continually networking, I have expanded my knowledge and am prepared for 3 B Street to take off.  Had I known these challenges or been a cynic from the beginning, I likely would have never begun 3 B Street, but since I'm now smarter, stronger, and confident, I'm thankful I took the plunge.  I'm looking forward to actively watching 3 B Street grow and realizing my dreams. 


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