Chic Interview with The Bloom Channel's Jill Addison

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Chic CEO catches up with Jill Addison, Founder of The Bloom Channel!
1. Why did you decide to work for yourself?
When I lost my job in 2008, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. I had always had it in the back of my mind that I might like to start my own company at some point, because I liked the idea of building something that could actually pay me back. As an employee, the day I stopped working was the day I stopped getting paid. But I thought that if I could build a valuable business, I could sell it and have it pay me not just while I worked but also after I’d decided stop working. Also, I really like the idea of charting my own path, doing things the way I think they should be done, and have total creative control over my work. And lastly, I love the idea of having unlimited earning potential that could be exponential, not incremental like pay raises.

2. Where were you in your life when your business began to take off?
I had just moved to San Diego the year I started my own business. I was engaged and getting ready to be married, and I was starting to think about how my work-life could possibly fit with raising a family. I really wanted a flexible work-life as I contemplated raising young children.

3. Tell us what makes The Bloom Channel different.
The Bloom Channel is an original idea that melds together the hottest marketing trends today: the internet, the use of online video, and blogging. By wrapping these three powerful tools together into one online show, The Bloom Channel gives featured entrepreneurs maximum marketing exposure.
The Bloom Channel features 12-15 minute video interviews with women who have successfully started and grown their own businesses. So many women these days are interested in starting their own businesses, not only because of the economy, but also because they crave the flexibility that working for yourself can give you.  Whether it’s to spend time with children, travel, or just have time to themselves, this flexibility is what I hear over and over as the #1 thing women want from their work.
Through The Bloom Channel is a wealth of free, valuable information for aspiring entrepreneurs. But it’s also valuable for established entrepreneurs who want to use the trends of internet marketing, online video and blogging to make a more personal and powerful connection with prospective clients.

4. Now that you've gotten your business off the ground, what do you wish you would've known before you got started?
My first video production business was a great learning experience, but I definitely discovered some flaws in my business model as I got deeper into the business. I follow Robert Kiyosaki (author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”) on Facebook, and I remember a Status Update he posted about 18 months ago that said, “There are three traits to a successful business: it’s leverageable, scaleable, and the income is predictable.” I could not say those three statments about my business, so I started racking my brain for a way that I could make these things true of my business. After a few false starts and ideas that got shot down by my mastermind group, I started to create the idea that is now The Bloom Channel. I believe that this online show will enable me to say “yes”, my business is leveragable, scalable, and the income is predictable.

5. What advice can you give to other Chic CEO's to help them on their entrepreneurial journey?
Focus on doing the essential tasks of your business well. I see too many entrepreneurs who get distracted in so many directions that they end up accomplishing nothing or doing everything halfway. Focus and prioritization are key to running a successful business.
For more information on The Bloom Channel or to see how it works, watch this video:



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