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Anna Sayer is a savvy and very chic designer, qualified and trained in Interior Design in the UK at the Ivy House Design School in Bath and with the KLC in London. She recently launched a new web-based, eco friendly home furnishing company. Check out our interview with her about her new biz and get a special discount to her new site! is such a unique concept. Will you tell us a bit about it?
DesignerEco is a forward-thinking e-commerce site that offers a unique range of sustainable and stylish furniture, lighting and accessories online. We cater to design-hunting, value-savvy eco-enthusiasts who care enough about their environment to decorate in a healthy, ethical and sustainable way.
How has your past work experience brought you to this point in your entrepreneurial career?
I trained and worked as an interior designer in the United Kingdom and have been working in hospitality furniture manufacturing since relocating to San Diego. Through design projects and working with LEED designers, I discovered the growing desire for homeowners and designers alike to decorate sustainably. Homeowners are realizing that no one wants to live in a toxic home or to buy a sofa that is the result of the exploitation of child labor in some third world factory. I believe responsible shoppers are willing to pay the difference, realizing that they can still get a quality product that is locally or responsibly produced. We source with product longevity in mind, knowing that higher-quality items have enduring classic design, and are built to stand the test of time.
What inspired you to launch
Initially, it was the lack of sources. As a designer, I felt it was difficult to find quality sources that balanced sustainability with stylish design.
Secondly, after researching several products and learning about innovative measures suppliers were going to, I wanted to help promote these businesses, with their fascinating, and yet quirky, stories. In supporting them, we can foster this business channel and hopefully in time manufacturers in the United Sates will all adopt sound eco-practices.
What makes unique?
We research our suppliers and where the products come from in an attempt to portray a balanced description, giving shoppers a picture of where the product comes from and how it is created or manufactured.
What do you hope that people will learn from your story?
Stay positive. Don’t give up. Don’t settle or compromise on quality. Value yourself and your time highly – you really are worth it.
What's your favorite piece of furniture/accessory/etc. currently on your site?
Tricky question. I’m partial to many items on the site – I grow attached not just to the design but some of the stories behind the products. For instance, ‘Further’ candles in Los Angeles uses by-product of their fuel to make scented candles and beauty products. I love the edgy urban reclaimed furniture from ‘Nuevo’. It’s just too difficult. I’ll settle with supporting a fellow San Diego business owner Jolee from ‘Wabisabi’ who makes these gorgeous beachy pillows.


What do you wish you could change now that you have launched 

I would like to figure out how to ship products across the United States without creating a significant carbon footprint? We ask our customers to think wisely before they commit to the purchase so that items only need to ship once. We subsidize the shipping to make the sale competitive, and then even donate 5% of all shipping costs back to a carbon offset program called Renewable World.
What do you hope that customers experience when visiting your site?
That they will develop a desire for high quality and good design, be inspired and proud of their interest in changing the world. We want DesignerEco to be a trusted source for healthy and style-conscious shoppers. We are actively rotating the products we have on the boutique to keep the selection fresh and to share and support new eco-suppliers.
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