Chic Entrepreneur: Amber Blumer, The Skinny Lemon Co

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I’ve known Amber Blumer for a few years and watched her turn a simple, well known cleanse into what is now a thriving California company. I’m excited to share her story!
The Skinny Lemon Co™ was born last year in sunny Los Angeles. Amber decided to make herself the original homemade Master Cleanse™. While squeezing lemons, measuring, pouring, and making an entire mess with the lemons, maple, and cayenne pepper, she asked herself, “Why isn’t the original Master Cleanse bottled already so I can just grab a bottle while on-the- go?” And that was the catalyst that sent her into action! She started Skinny Lemon Co and immediately registered the trademark The Master Cleanse. With the trademark in hand, she set out to build Skinny Lemon Co as a brand based solely on The Master Cleanse. Now those who drink it would have confidence that they are drinking the original formula, with only the best sourced ingredients. Today her cleansing juices are showing up in retailers all over Southern California. As they say, when life gives you lemons… get skinny! Her clientele includes celebrities, athletes, and even stay at home parents. 
Amber jumped into an industry she knew very little about but understanding that passion alone wouldn’t be the only thing needed to launch. That’s when she turned to  Chic CEO’s resources!
Amber says, “I want to help others achieve their health goals and keep the process simple by bottling up natural ingredients.  Making something of value is my way of trying to make the world a better place. Bottling The Master Cleanse might seem crazy to some who want to squeeze lemons themselves, but for me it makes total sense.” In the near future the Skinny Lemon Co will be expanding into other cleansing blends including acai berry cleanses.
Skinny Lemon Co is not just an idea anymore, but a successful, growing company – we are excited that Chic CEO could provide the tools and support Amber needed to start and grow Skinny Lemon Co!
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