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Guest Post by Leyna Juliet Weber, Chief Product Whore
My husband, Jeff, married a product whore. The news didn't just sneak up on him.  There was full disclosure before we tied the knot. When I started spending the night, I think I had a drawer before I had a key.  Actually, it was like this… 
Him:  Babe, I cleared out a few drawers so you'd be comfortable to stay over more. 
Me:  Aww… I'll see if I can make that happen schedule-wise. (Sound of neck craning around to the bathroom) Huh. Ohhh. Mmm.
Him:  What? You need more space?
Me:  Yes.  Most definitely. Specifically in the bathroom.
No false advertising on my end. I think my profile said something like, "While I enjoy a hike, don'tTHINK about taking me camping. Mama no go without her moisturizer." Soon after that, I remember explaining to Jeff why different eye creams have their merits, and how I enjoy rotating exfoliators for maximum punch. (I said this on the same breath as, "By the way, I'm not big into jewelry" - a notion I've since reversed)  And the Amazon boxes were coming well before we were married, too. So I wasn't a secret product whore. I was always the real thing.
I’m working on a website now - creating a community for serious product whores, and I could really use your help.  One of the key features of the site will be a strong focus on indie brands.  Of course, we’ll review the tried and true brands we all know and love, too.  But there are products out there that have been developed by cosmetics entrepreneurs that are every bit as good as the established brands – and way more reasonably priced.  If you are an entrepreneur with your own cosmetics, line, or if you love an indie brand, please drop me a line (
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