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In 2008, Kim Pollard launched Bookkeeper Girl  with a laptop, a loyal client and an idea that through the use of technology she could reduce the cost of payroll and bookkeeping to just pennies on the dollar and provide small businesses with an essential service to grow their businesses. Through her philosophy, “Gotta Have Faith,” she quickly grew from her home office to three locations – their corporate office in Denton, TX, and satellite offices in Austin, and Dallas. Kim’s strong family support and trusted team, which has invested its heart and soul into the company, give her faith that Bookkeeper Girl will one day be America’s bookkeeper.
Kim loves the freedom of owning her own business. She is responsible for her decisions – good and bad – and controls her own destiny. Although every day brings new challenges, Kim’s mantra of “gotta have faith” gives her the confidence to conquer anything. 

What is something you wish you would have known when you started your business?
How to hire people based on their experience and personality rather than just gut instinct. It would have saved me a lot of time. Now we have job descriptions for each position, and we look at how that candidate's skills match the description and how the candidate's personality fits within the overall structure of the team. Does this person compliment and add to the team?
What are the benefits of owning your own company?
I love the freedom it gives me to work when I need to work and be with my family when I need to be. I can work at 10:00 at night if I need to, so I can take off and attend my kids’ activities. I’ve also started bringing my teenagers into the business recently in addition to my husband, so it gives them a new perspective on what I do, which is nice. Mostly I like being responsible for my own decisions -good and bad. I feel much more in control of my own destiny. 
How do you maintain and keep a balanced home and work life while owning your company?
I'm not sure there is such a thing as a balanced home and work life. Sometimes I need to spend more time with work and sometimes more with my family. It helps having my family involved in the business because they understand the demands more. I don’t think it’s so much about balance as it is flexibility. And having an awesome general manager that can run things in my absence is key. I wouldn’t be where I am without my incredible staff. As a small business owner, you are always going to work more hours than in a corporate job. No small business owner has a 40 hour week - or even 50 hour week. But what you do have is flexibility that you don’t always have in a corporate job. 
What is a quote that your business/company/or you live by?
“Gotta have faith!” I tell all my employees that. You have to have faith in your self, in your team, in your family, and in your God. Entrepreneurs are courageous people. They have to have faith that they can accomplish their goals, that they can get the next customer, that they can make payroll this can’t always know the answers. Often times you are venturing into new territory. Sometimes you can’t take the time to verify all the facts. You have to have a good team, a strong support system, and faith that you can do it. Owning your own business is a walk of faith every day. 
Name: Kim Pollard
Company: Bookkeeper Girl


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