Be Bold.

24 May 2012

Be Bold.

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As entrepreneurs we often spend a lot of time thinking of ideas, new concepts, new promotions and more ways to spread the word about our brand, services and products. All of this thinking time is very vital but is there more you can be doing? Our founder, Stephanie, strongly dislikes the term "think outside the box" but she fully subscribes to the meaning behind that cliché term. Its time to think bigger! Be Bold.
Business tycoon, Ted Turner told a story of his father's biggest mistake of setting goals for himself that were too attainable. Seems silly right? Well there is something to it. Mr. Turner had the goal of owning a plantation, owning a boat and becoming a millionaire after the depression. Towards the end of his life, he turned to his son Ted and told him that he had made a huge mistake. The passion and drive that he had for those huge aspirations had passed since he had all of the "things" he'd set out for and he told his son to dream BIG. Ted Turner, did just that and not only is he a very rich and influential man, he finds satisfaction in striving every day to make an impact on the world.
What is your big dream? Now times that by 10! Better yet, what are you doing today to achieve it? Are you hustling and working your tail off to get your business off the ground? Be bold in your deliberate action plan for success. Don't jus think outside of the box, don't even see the box! Think bigger and be bold!


PS - we are currently in line to audition for Shark Tank...because we know in order to really make an impact and help as many women as we possibly can through Chic CEO we have to BE BOLD. Wish us luck!
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