Austin or Bust!

10 Mar 2012

Austin or Bust!

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Chic CEO is taking a little road trip… and by little I mean we (Jody and Stephanie), are spending 24 hours (each way) driving from San Diego, CA to Austin, TX. No we’re not crazy…but let’s face it, boot strapping is not always glamorous!  Over the past few months all signs had been pointing to Austin, so being the Chic CEO’s that we are, we followed the cues and are headed to check out South by Southwest Interactive (SxSW).  We will be exploring all sorts of festivities, parties, seminars, workshops and pitch competitions. We will also be supplying collateral for another entrepreneurial website for women that was actually mentioned with us in the Top Entrepreneurial Websites for Women in 2011 by Sharp Skirts’ conference – Skirts at South by. My Prius is getting us some great gas mileage and we’re taking the opportunity to get to work on a book that we’ve been noodling on for some time.


Just wanted to give all you brilliant women a little update on what we’re up to, why we’re a little slow at responding to emails and that you can be expecting lots of cool updates and content coming from this week of entrepreneurial exploration. PS – if you’ll be in Austin, let us know on our Facebook page so we can see what cool things your up to!  








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