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"Relationship Marketing has to be from the heart and has to be real. Those people will come back to you and help your business grow." - Isabella Hewitt
In the video Using Relationship Marketing, featured on the American Express Inside Successful Small Business series, Isabella Hewitt runs a retail shop called The Spot. As she describes in her video, she tried magazines, newspapers, the Internet, social media and more. Relationship marketing is her best tool. By building a relationship with her customers, she found it to be the most effective way to retain them. 

Almost everything we do in business has to do with creating relationships - that's why getting referrals is so important. Entire industries like real estate or insurance are powered by referrals. Referrals are an extension of building strong relationships with your current customers.

So how can you build strong relationships with your customers? Isabella recommends finding out what is the most important thing in their life at the moment and recognize it. More marketing isn't always the answer, she says, it's the impact you are making in their life with relationship building.

Sending flowers, notes, remembering birthdays - these are small gestures that ultimately foster and create a great relationship with your customer. 

What’s one lesson you’re learned as either a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur? Share your response with us using #sharingadvice on Twitter or Facebook!

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