Amex Open Forum: If It's Not Working, Change It

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In the video If Your Business Isn't Working, Change It featured on the American Express Inside Successful Small Business series, Angela Jia Kim provides some really key insights in her quick video about changing the plan. I’m very familiar with the resilience and innovation that is constantly necessary in order to run a successful business. There has never been a successful business that has not made changes to fit market and customer demand. It’s something that is very seldom talked about however.
When you are just starting out people either say that “you absolutely have to have a business plan” or they say “I never had a business plan and did just fine.” But the truth is that every business has a plan whether it’s written out or just in the entrepreneur’s head. I happen to be a fan of creating an actual business plan, at least in the form of an outline so that you have direction.
Our business changes constantly and as the owners of the company, it is our responsibility to react, reiterate and respond but even more importantly is to look ahead and try to anticipate the needs in order to plan. That’s the plan that is most important. Having direction keeps things in focus so that when opportunities arise, you have a filter to run the opportunities through.
We ask successful entrepreneurs all the time to talk to us about their mistakes, successes and learnings. Inevitably they all include a pivot or a time when they had to change their plan. Often the changes they make – take their businesses in very different directions than they ever originally intended. Just like Angela’s change from just creating a skin care line to creating a spa, she listened to what her customers wanted and in turn, found a brand new channel in which she could sell her skin care products.
Without constant adaptation and innovation, there is no chance for a business to survive. Angela also eluded to the need for resilience when she said “if you don’t have resilience, game over.” Resilience for a business means change. If one thing is not working within the business, you literally have to change or close the doors.
She also mentions that opening a business is not for the faint of heart. We have been first-hand witness to this in our own business and have heard so many stories of this from the women in our community. The only way to make it out the other end as an entrepreneur is to keep innovating and changing course as needed. 

What’s one lesson you’re learned as either a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur? Share your response with us using #sharingadvice on Twitter or Facebook!

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