Amex Open Forum: Always Be Open To New Ideas

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"There's not only one way to do something and if you're stuck in that rut of 'this is the way we do it, and this is the only way we do it' you won't be successful" - Benjamin Grossman
In the video, Always Be Open To New Ideas, featured on the American Express Inside Successful Small Business Series, Benjamin Grossman and Craig Samuals, owners of B&C Restaurant Group believe that they have something to learn from everyone in their company. Their example of cutting tomatoes is a great lesson on allowing the people around you to innovate. 
Being open to the ideas offered up by others is how they've been a successful team so far, cut costs, cut labor time and maintained a thriving business. 
If we pay attention to the people and things around us, we will start to notice little efficiencies that tend to pop up while doing menial tasks. Finding new ways to sort inventory, file emails, organize events and even cut tomatoes can result in big impacts for your business' bottom line. 

In addition, it's great to figure out ways to add in double checks so that you don't have to back track when a simple mistake is made. With Chic CEO we have at least 2 people look at every important piece of communication that goes out so that links are correct, images are fine, and misspellings are caught. Little mistakes like that can lead to duplication of work, upset clients and lost productivity. 

Take some time to evaluate new ways of doing things, of asking friends in completely different industries how they might handle a certain task - do some research.  You might find that you are able to do things faster, smarter and for less money than if you had stuck to how you've always done it. 
What’s one lesson you’re learned as either a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur? Share your response with us using #sharingadvice on Twitter or Facebook!
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