99% is a Bitch. 100% is a Breeze.

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We've all made promises to ourselves, broken them and then tried again. "I'm going to lose 15 pounds, starting tomorrow!" "I'm never smoking again." "I will wake up at 5:30am every day." With good intentions, we slip a bit and fall off the wagon. Or as a dear friend of mine says, "I didn't fall off the wagon, I James Bond jump-n-rolled off."

On the flip side, we've made promises to ourselves that are so absolute, that we know they will never be broken. "I will never be in an abusive relationship again." "I will never work for someone who calls me names."  "I will never text while I drive."
Why do we make promises we have a hard time keeping and some promises that we are absolute on? What's the difference? 
When we commit to something, and do it with 100% intent, something feels different about it, doesn't it? It's our level of commitment - the amount of room we give ourselves to waiver. Have you ever noticed that when we make a commitment to something so fully, that it's a lot easier to keep it? But when you are partly committed, even 99%, it's a total bitch to keep? 
Some people make the 100% commitment - they never have a cigarette again. They workout every day. They walk out of a relationship and never look back. 
Some people make the 99% commitment - they have a cigarette when they are out with friends. They skip a day or two in the gym. They take calls or have a meetup with their ex. 
Which one is harder? Definitely the 99% - they make you feel bad. I've made 99% commitments to myself and I've made 100% commitments too. I'm sure you can imagine which of the two were fulfilled. And which of the two were easiest.
I was laid off twice in the past couple of years. Neither of them were bad situations, but did put me in quite a pickle. How do I pay my rent? Car payment? Credit cards? etc.? Each time, I marveled at the fact that my livelihood (which I thought I had control over) was taken from me in a 15 minute meeting. That blew my mind. It was at that moment when I made a 100% commitment to myself that my livelihood would rest solely with me and I wouldn't give that opportunity to anyone ever again. This is so absolute in my head and heart - that I know I won't fail. I simply won't. 
I created Chic CEO so that you can make a 100% commitment to yourself. My team makes sure that Chic CEO gives you everything you need to commit to your business. So you can give back to your family. So you can give back to your community. So you can follow your dream, decide when you go on vacation, work when you want so you can pick up your kids from school. 
A 100% commitment is a hard yes or a hard no. There is no in between - and that takes the pressure off! No comprises, no ifs, buts, etcs., Yes or No. 
Yes, you may have a full time job during the day, and work on your business at night. Are there times when you don't feel like it? Sure. Do you not feel like making sales calls today? Sure. Do you not want to file your receipts right now? Sure. But are you 99% committed or 100% committed? 
Bottom line, a 99% commitment will be harder on you than a 100% commitment.
Life's a breeze, dollface. 


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