6 Apps for Mom Business Owners

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Mother's Day is just around the corner and we've come up with a list of 6 apps that will keep you organized as a busy business owner. These apps are great whether you are a mom, a business owner, or both. 

Grocery IQ
Grocery iQ® includes all the features you’d expect from an intuitive and powerful shopping list application. Build new shopping lists quickly by simply scanning the barcode for any product or using the predictive search feature. Customize the arrangement of categories within your list so you can check off items in an orderly fashion as you navigate the store. Keep your lists up to date on multiple devices with just one account.
Podio is a subscription service that provides a suite of apps for your business. You can pick apps to use with your team - even create apps using their app building tool. Keep your team organized and all on the same page by hand selecting apps that everyone can use. Anything from calendars to event management, you can customize your team's work flow.
Evernote is a really great app that syncs your computer, phone and tablet. Keep all of your notes, web clippings, recipes, etc. Take a picture of a list or notes and Evernote will automatically recognize the words and make it searchable for you later. It's the best notebook you've ever had.
Wunderlist is a Chic CEO favorite. A simple and elegant to-do list, you can create lists that you share with others: family, work, friends, etc. Use the list to add tasks for your team members and vice versa. When someone checks off that they finished the tag, the members of the list get a notification. Wunderlist is a really efficient way to keep track of you and your team's to-dos. 
IFTTT stands for "If This Then That" and sets up systems for you. IFTTT works with 61 apps like Facebook, Box, Instagram, Hootsuite, SalesForce, Evernote and more. For example, you can set up an IFTTT to send all pictures you take on Instagram to your Evernote account. You may want to set up an IFTTT to email you every time your favorite blogger uploads a new post or recipe.  The possibilities are endless.
EasilyDo is a productivity app with a twist. This app will scrub all of your social and productivity apps to keep you organized and on top of your world. Aggregating your calendar, Facebook, email, etc., Easily Do will put everything you need to do in one place and predict for you which is most important and when you should get started.

What's your favorite app?


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