Create Traction: Video #2

Write an eBook (Ok - don't freak out)

Creating an ebook isn't as daunting as you think - watch the video below to see why it'll help you build traction. 

Don't forget to comment below, tell me what you think and ask any questions! (Here's the Kindle Publishing Guide


Take me to the first video! 


I accept your challenge! A group of friends and I are working on something huge and I definitely think this e-book will take us to the next level! 


Feels good to put "author" behind your name! Let me know when it's live!



GREAT content. Fun and time worthy!  Thank you for being a forrunner on this!

I have tinkered with trying to get published in the children's book arena in the past.  The book world has significantly changed in the last 5-10 years with fewer books being physically published and more and more publishers refusing unsolicited manuscripts.  eBooks and Print-on-Demand seem to be the new trend.  Because I am an exclusive cat breeder, groomer, and photographer, I have been writing articles about what I have learned about raising and caring for cats. Being a former teacher, I was primarily working on them to help educate the visitors to our cattery website, and of course our adoptive families.  I haven't finished any articles so they aren't posted on our website.  But now they have a new life...chapters to my very own eBook!  This inspires me to pull up those documents and start working on them again.  Great suggestion.  Thanks for the tip.


Glad you can bring that content back to life! Don't forget to let me know when it's live - I'll download a copy ;)




Hi Stephanie.

Love the videos!

I have trouble taking action. I have a job, the core function of which I love, but there are a lot of other factors which detract from the enjoyment of that core function. I also have a few business ideas, which I'm struggling to get off the ground, because I don't have a systematic way of deciding what to focus on first.

I'm gonna go back to your pre-video questionnaire. That's where I'll start with the action.

Keep up the fantastic work!!!


Great to hear this. You just need to take action - ANY ACTION - and your path will start to unfold before you. 


Thank you for this video. This really seems doable, just need extra time in my day. It is going on the list!

Wake up half hour earlier for the next 4 days and work on it. You'll have it done. Ready, GO!!

Thanks for another great suggestion, Stephanie!  When we launched our website last year, I created an e-book called Work On Purpose.  I'm going to use your tips to publish it on Amazon.  Watch for an email from me to ask for a review!

Sheri - I will write you one stellar review! Keep me posted ;) 



Thank you for taking me out of my busy day to focus for 10-15 minutes, and continually realize the potential we all have as entrepreneurs! You never fall short of sharing your wonderful tips and resources!  Your video series "Creating Traction" forces you to focus - don't blur the lines, or go to far outside.  Now get to work!  (Chic-CEO) You = Value Add.  Thanks for all the wonderful support and continued committment to the community of small business entrepreneurs - who in time, become bigger businesses.

Thank you for the sweet note!!

Thank you for an awesome video. I am putting together my outline together tonight.

Keep me updated! I want to download it when it's live!

Hi Stephanie,
Thank you for sharing your insights with those of us trying to see our dreams become our realities. I've penned a few short stories (think children's story book length), my favorite being one based on a true story centered around a senior dog that was abandoned by his owner. I was so moved by this dog's profile when I read it that I had to write a story about him; one with a happy ending. That was six months ago., and the draft is still in my journal. My graphic artist friend said he'd create cover art, but he needs the story to get started. I seem to be afraid to take this next step & put it into an electronic document. (One concern is protecting my work. Also, do I need illustrations within the pages of the story? Others have asked to read it, but do I ask them to download it?)
One final question is since my books are stories and not How-to's, do you have additional recommendations for getting noticed & purchased? I have considered giving a portion of what is made to a local animal rescue organization.
Thank you so much for your generosity.
Janet...future author & future owner of the most fab online dog shop you'll ever see! (This is when my dream will come true.)

Janet- considering the pet market is a multi-billion dollar one - you have a real opportunity on your hands here, sister! 

Utilize the children's book to create some momentum for your online store. If the store isn't up and running just yet - send them to a landing page that will collect their email address to be notified when the store goes live. Unbounce is a great resource for this. 

Perhaps use all proceeds from the book to help get the store up and running. THEN use proceeds from the store to donate back. I wouldn't use it from the book just yet - you need those funds to get the business up and running - you can make a bigger impact there. 

Get that book finished - upload to Amazon and then assess the process. You can always modify later - that's the best part about digital! Doesn't have to be perfect right now - it's the process you are learning. 

Get it done!!! Rooting for you!




Hi Stephanie!
Thank you for sharing your tremendous insights specific to where I am & where I should go next! You are so right about rethinking the use of the funds from the book to help carry the load of the virtual store front, thus getting me started quicker and allowing me to make a greater donation to something so close to my heart. I'll get the book into an e-format & have my friend complete the graphics!
I'm going to see if you have any openings left to talk more!
Thank you, thank you....

This is an excellent video series!  Thanks Stephanie!  I've been wanting to publish a very industry specific 'novel' for a while, but the idea of committing to that now is overwhelming.  I can definitley create an ebook to connect with my audience and create traction for my business.  Thank you for the motivation - I'll be reaching out for your review!

It's much easier to start out small - I look forward to reading your eBook!!



Esperanza Coriama's picture

This is inredible, never would have thought to do this!


You rock!

Im so elated I came across Chic Ceo!!! I could use more exclamation points but you get my excitement. Brava Steph and thank you for this great insight and advice

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