Create Traction: Video #1

Localize A Story

The first traction tip I have for you is to localize a national story. Watch the video below to get the details. 

Download the pdf to get the checklist of what I covered in the video. I want to hear your insights and questions - comment below to let me know how you plan on implementing this strategy or any questions you have. I'll be checking in and reading them all!! 

Be on the lookout for the next video in a few days!



Thank you for the great content! 

Stephanie -  This was great!  Thank you for breaking it down and making it DOABLE!  This is absolutely something we can do in many ways for different topics; grief care, emotional care and wellness, direct sales businesses, jobs for women, military support, tea and herb education, etc.

I can already think of 100 ways to put this into action!  And I think being in a small city will only beneift us with this kind of traction bulding!

Thanks again,



That was super awesome advice! But it really got me freaked out! My first thought was "oh I'm not an expert on anything and I couldn't imagine going on live TV and making a complete boob out of myself" How sad is that? Even as I write this I know that there are at least 3 subjects that I know more about than the average person on the street... but and Expert? my little self questions. I will sit with these thoughts and start to notice when I read the news where and how my voice can be of value. And " FREAKOUT" maybe even take ACTION! Thanks Stephanie! 

When I say, the fear of looking like a boob never goes away!! But it does get easier as you do it more often  - just like anything else. It's tough the first few times and then it gets easier. You can do it!!

Thank you so much for the tips. This seems like a very doable task. Thank you for breaking it down into actionable items!! I can't wait to try this!!



Great advice. And actually my partner and I were thinking about something around all the domestic violence stories lately (Ray Rice, etc), as experts in protecting girls' & women's self esteem. Do you think that news is too old? Also, we're in a big market (LA) so that may hurt us.



I don't think it's too old at all. It's still a very relevant story - I think you have a lot to contribute to the conversation. So definitely get out there and see if you can get any bites.

Can you point us to some resources, maybe just do's and don'ts, for newbies to this medium? If I'm going to be relaxed and articulate during an on-air interview, I think coaching would be helpful -- if only to avoid the most common newbie blunders (talking too fast, wearing the wrong thing, interrupting, too much/too little gesturing, jargon, whatever)!

Great ideas. Thank you!

One of the best resources I can point you to is - founded by my friend, Caleb Wojcik. His blog and podcast are really great for getting started. 

Easily the most important is how I or anybody else view themselves.   How many of us, consider ourselves to be experts?   Probably not too many.  Then I started thinking about the expert the television media uses for aviation here where I live.  I know the person.  He has been my instructor and mentor.   He truly is an expert on all things advanced in aviation.  Yet, he recognizes that I am the expert in creating programs to bring people to aviation.  That realization was a real eye opener.  

Great insight! Look forward to hearing how you put this into action, Patty! 

More amazing advice from Stephanie!  I can't wait to put this plan into action!!  I own a Kids' Gym in Omaha, NE and I can think of at least 10 national news stories that could also apply at a local level (childhood obesity, learning through movement, developmentally appropriate content, communities for stay at home moms, etc.).  I also have a Masters in Education so "becoming an expert" will be an easy role to step into.  Thanks again for the GREAT advice!  Looking forward to video #2!!

This is awesome - so glad you are already identifiying opportunities. Keep us posted on your progress ;)

I found this video to be very concise and to the point.  And the point is a creative way to get yourself recognized as an expert in your field.  I'm not sure how I personally can use this in my start-up business and field, but it will be rolling around in my head for sure.  I think, if nothing else, I will be on the lookout for the opportunity and being prepared with the press release is a great idea.  Thanks for the video!

Great job on the first video, Stephanie! Can you share an example of the one-page press sheet with us?

Hey Sheri -

Here is an article to creating your media kit:

Chic CEO is FAB for providing tool kit items.

Would it be possible to get a press kit template, that would honor and support the goals of this video?

Just as a soft reminder, each state official website tends to offer a full listing of media outlets, which can be a helpful one stop shopping for partners, but also consider too the AP always has a key person at the state house. Be sure to reach out to them... Reuters too. Ive worked with them in the past and truly, they are great!

Keep up the GREAT work


Thanks for the resource, Susan! Here is a link to media kits:

Our new company is restructuring our offering and these items are exactly what we need to get the information out to the public.  I love the concept of not selling but informing, being a resource/expert on a specific topic.  Will be putting together the resources/press kits in the next couple of weeks.  Thank you!

That's great Tina! Keep us posted on how it works for you and definitely be sure to watch the other 2 videos for more traction action ;) 




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